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Help with Stained Baby Clothing....

I am wondering if anyone has found a product that works good on breast-fed, poop stains on baby's clothing. My daughter seems to have "blow-outs" all the time and I can't get the stains out. I have even put spray on the clothes right after I took them off of her and they still don't come out. Please email me if you have found a particular product that works on these stains. Thanks!

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totally agree with Andra k....the spray n wash that comes in a bottle half pink half white. I believe its called dual power. I even used it on formula stains from 2 years ago and it got them out. I love that stuff!

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Well my daughter did the same thing. Everytime she went it was a blowout. What i did was. Rinse the clothes in cold water then spray Shout on them and just threw them in the laundry container. I found out if i washed them right away the stains didn't all come out. I haven't had a problem since. Then i just do my laundry the next day or so. It gives it time for the shout to work.

Zout by the Dial Company is great. You can find it at Meijer. Just don't respot with it days before the laundry...use it just before you put in wash, or it might lift colors. On whites, I prespot and dump into the hamper and leave it for days. Best, H.

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I use the All-Purpose Cleaner from Charlie's Soap http://www.charliesoap.com/products/ (not sure if you can buy it in any stores). It works amazing on bf poo - I use cloth diapers, and have been able to avoid any stains. This stuff can even get out old stains on clothing that I had given up on... Hope this helps!

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totally agree with Andra k....the spray n wash that comes in a bottle half pink half white. I believe its called dual power. I even used it on formula stains from 2 years ago and it got them out. I love that stuff!

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I was going to mention the same thing as Lori and Jenna. Cloth diapers! My daughter is breastfed and we've been using cloth since birth. We maybe had 2 small leaks from breastfed poo. Nothing like the blowouts I've heard about from others :) I definately suggest checking out cloth diapers. They've come a long way over the years and honestly it's not bad at all!! Some are as simple as disposables except instead of throwing them away you wash and reuse them. We love our cloth diapers :)

For stains on the cloth diapers the sun does a wonderful job.

There is Hope and Help for poop stain removal! It is called BIZ!! I have been using it for years. It is waiting for you at your local neighborhood TARGET!!:) BIZ is an enzyme detergent so it eats away at the stain but not the clothes. It does not cause fading either. My son is 6mos so I understand the blowouts and he is breastfed. I have even been able to get out old poop stains. The key to stain removal is soaking the clothes and forget about them and let the detergent do its job. I have let them soak for hours. A whole day or 2 even.( that is easy for me the laundry area is in the basement and I have 5 kids to distract me) When you just spray and toss in the wash you are not giving the detergent sufficient time to work. Things that have come out of clothes when I use BIZ is baby poop, grass stains, dried blood, mustard stains & marker to name a few. I have also used Dawn to take out stains and I have found that it works very well for grease/oil stains and food stains like tomatoe sauce. Remember the key is treat it and leave it for awhile. Hope that helps!

I had the same problem - I breast fed as well. I've tried everything, Oxyclean, Dreft, etc. The one that I found that works the best is Shout Advanced. It even works on old stains! My mother-in-law suggested it to me and I love it.

I soaked mine in automatic dish detergent. This breakes down many of the stains.

I breastfed all my babies, too, and our middle daughter ALWAYS exploded out of her diapers!! I would take the clothes off, rinse the mess out with cold water, then soak them in hot water and Oxy-Clean. It worked wonders! Good luck! :)

I always had luck with applying Dreft gentle laundry detergent directly to the stain.

The best advice i received for stains came from my sons football coach. It is Murphy's Oil Soap. I gets out everything if you use it before drying. I just put it on the stain, use a little nail brush, then wash. It has removed all of my sons stains from his white football pants EVERY TIME. You will need to use a little elbow grease on the bigger stains, but it will come out. Good luck.

I sometimes soak clothes overnight in Cascade. Some stains come out :)

2 words-Simple Green. You can get it at Menards and Lowes in a gallon container. The directions say to dilute it to a 10% solution but I just spray it directly on the stains and soak them in water. You barely have to rub it in. I don't have any stained clothes from the "breast-fed blown out baby" that I breastfed for over 10 months. It even works on dried on and old stains.
Good luck and congratulations!

Both my babies were super-poopers. Here's what I did:
as soon as baby was cleaned up, dirty/poopy clothing went into a tub with cold water and 1 Tbl. arm & hammer washing soda. When I went to do the load, I would use the full-strength SA8
(made/distributed by Amway/Quixtar) on the stained area, then wash as regular with SA8 sensitive detergent and 1/8 cup washing soda. Since I started cloth diapers, I add one more step: before you wash, put the poopy clothes in the washer and do a small, cold rinse cycle to get out the poop. then wash the load as you normally would.

Spray them with shout and let them sit for a little bit, then fill the washer a little with water and add biz, or you can soak them elsewhere. Then drain washer and re wash with detergent and Biz. Biz is a wonderful thing for stains.

It looks like many others have already suggested it, but Baby Oxyclean has gotten those exact stains out of my son's clothes. I just let them soak (sometimes I forget them for several days!) and the stains are totally gone by the time they go into the washer.

Oxiclean, or Biz, have a bucket siting with water and throw the clothes in immediately. Also try a larger size diaper. When your baby starts going through the diaper almost everytime it usually means the diaper is too small even if it doesn't seem like it.

Those are tough stains. Try a little dawn detergent. That takes stains out of a lot of things.......

I have found the most WONDERFUL stain remover for our clothing! It is actually carpet cleaner and it's made by Seventh Generation. I purchase it at Whole Foods, but believe you can get it anywhere they sell green products.

I stumbled upon it out of desperation! It was the only "reasonable" spray available for a major mess on my daughters jacket (chocolate!!!!!).......it worked better than anything I've ever seen before and now I use it on everything!!!!

Good luck!

I wash them in the laundry tub right away, scrubbing the stain with a toothbrush and Fels-Naptha bar laundry soap. After a wash in the machine, the onsies are just as white as they were before- without a trace of yellow!

C., mommy to 5 little ones with #6 due in June!

Dear H. C.,

I have never tried this product on poop stains from a breastfed baby, but I know it works so well that it even takes out mildew stains so it's worth a try. I buy Greased Lightning at the local dollar stores and it is the best product I have ever bought for stains. I work where it is very oily and greasy and a man at work wears very nice clothing. He sprays the greasy spots with this product and it takes out nearly all the stains all the time. Also, Dawn dish detergent (apple blossom) or something like that takes out more grease stains and that is what I use with my laundry detergent to get out grease from my work clothes.
I just spray Greased Lightning early enough to soak in for several hours if you have enough clothing to wait that long. You can experiment. If one soak time is not long enough, just re-spray and allow to soak in well before you wash a second time. Never put the clothing article in the dryer before washing a second time or you risk setting the stain in permanently.

L. C.
Zeeland, MI

My son was a breastfed baby and even though he is 3, I do remember those blow-outs! I rinsed the clothes immediately in the sink w/hand soap. I used an old toothbrush to work the soap into the affected area. I left soap on the garment, and tossed it in the hamper until I washed a load later that day or the next. I also don't miss doing laundry every other day! Good luck. It's not a fancy solution, but it worked for me - no stains. The key is that you need to rinse off the garment immediately. Good luck!

Zout by the Dial Company is great. You can find it at Meijer. Just don't respot with it days before the laundry...use it just before you put in wash, or it might lift colors. On whites, I prespot and dump into the hamper and leave it for days. Best, H.

The hints others have offered sound great but I have a different one that they haven't mentioned. Mis 1 cup of bleach and 1 cup of powder dishwasher detergent with a 1/2 gallon of water. This is very good for taking old formula stains out. If the stain doesn't come out with this recipe, it isn't going to. Be aware, the bleach may lighten the color of some items. I have bought items at yards sales that were probably not stained when they were packed away but were badly stained after storage. We were able to remove the stains and thhey looked like new! I first discovered this with my 2nd daughter. When I went to wash all the baby clothes that I had stored and found that the nice things that I had stored were stained. {they weren't stained when I stored them) If you use this recipe, don't soak too long and rinse well immediately. Then put item in the washer as usual.

I used shout gel with my daughter, who had those same issues, and it sometimes took multiple treatments and washings, without drying in between, to get the stains out.

There is a pet product that works great for stains--Nature's Miricle. We just got a puppy and I was so impressed with how it worked on the carpets, I tried it on clothes, and it was great!!


If you can get to it fairly quickly, I would rinse them in hot water and put some Dawn oxy dish soap on it and rub...it would come right out. I do this for all my sons clothes that I love and want to keep 'perfect'. For the rest, I still rinse it in hot water, then use spray shout and throw Oxy-clean in the washer with the load.

With as funny as this is going to sound, but try Soft Scrub with bleach. As soon as you remove the clothing etc put a little bit on the spot, and rub it in really well, make sure you put something like a towel under the layer of clothing, and also dont use it on colors, but on whites it really works well, after you rub it in rinse it out then wash it like you would normally. Also, that "Tide to go" works wonders on colors. I swear by it. (You can use that to on whites) Good luck and God Bless.

Both my children were exclusively breastfed and cloth diapers. Although we rarely had stains on clothing, nothing took care of stains out of our diapers like line drying them in the sun. The first time I watched those stains disappear I was shocked. It was a miracle! But it works every time.

If you are up to making the switch, I would recommend cloth diapers if your child has continual blow-outs. When a nasty little bug went around our playgroup I listened to all the moms tell horror stories of the blow-out messes they'd had. We always used fitted diapers and Mother Ease covers and NEVER had a blowout with my first son. Only when we changed our diapering system a bit did we have a blowout with our second. Just something to think about.

H.--Try Felsnaptha. It comes in a cake/bar form and is found in the laundry products aisle (usually on the bottom shelf) in the grocery store. I dampen the bar then rub it on the stain before putting the item into the washing machine.

THE ABSOLUTE BEST CLEANING SOLUTION...I wish I could take credit but this is my sister's secret recipe. Not sure where she got it but I haven't found a baby stain it won't get out. 1 part laundry detergent, 1 part Clorox color bleach and 1 part liquid dish detergent - agitate in the washer for a few minutes, soak overnight and wash in the morning. I use whatever I would normally measure for laundry detergent for the size load I am doing and then use equal parts of the other two ingredients...I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

I have had great success with a combination of Dreft and oxy-clean. Add 1/2 cup of Dreft with 1 scoop oxy-clean to a half-filled bucket of water. Immediately add stained clothes, and let soak over night. Launder as usual the next day.

Works great on new stains, but even significantly fades stains which have been in the clothes for months!

Good luck!

I try to immediately spray Shout on it and put it in water or use Oxy Clean. It works wonders! The only thing with Oxy Clean is that I normally rub the soiled area first to get the gook off (I'm breastfeeding my 5 month old, as well) and then soak it in hot water with oxy clean in it for a day or two. Then, I just put it in the wash when it's time and the clothes are as good as new!

my daughter had blow outs every time she pooped. i was changing and rinsing out clothes daily. although, none of her clothes ever stained from it! i would rinse them out right away, or as soon as i could, then use a bleach pen on whites (the best thing ever!) and i used Shout Gel with the brush under the cap for colors. i would usually try to wash them within 1 day, but sometimes it would be longer than that. good luck, and have hope...with solid food comes solid poop!

I found a really good cleaner and works on other stains as well - the only thing I have found it won't remove totally is Wendy's Choc. Frosty stain!! LOL Anyway, you get it at the Dollar Store and it is called "Awesome" - There is even one for greese stains that works great on hubby clothes!!


You don't need to use anything, just hang them on the line outside in the sun. The sun will remove the stain in a day or so.

Put about a quarter cup of baking soda (if you buy it at Sams or Costco, its cheap in huge quantities) in with a load of stained clothes and hot water. Use your regular detergent too. It works great!

I always used Bye Bye Baby Stains which you can get at www.onestepahead.com, it comes with one bottle for colors and another for whites.

The is a product they sell at Meijer's in the baby section called "Stain Out" (or something to that affect). It's spcifically made for baby stains - I haven't tried it, however I have heard only positive about it.

my baby isn't breastfed but she makes super big messes.
dreft and baby oxy gets every last drop of stains out, even on white clothes. good luck!

Hi H., I always kept a diaper pail half full of water with Tide in it. As soon as I took something off it went in the pail. At the end of the day just dump everything into the washer, spin out the water, then wash as usual. Do an extra rinse, because of the extra detergent. As far as the stains you have now. Fill the washer with very hot water, put in a full cup of tide, agitate for just a few minutes, then turn off the machine and let soak for a long time, over night is best. This has always worked for me in the past. Hope it works for you, good luck.

I've found that if you rinse them in cold water right away helps. I spray with oxy clean let set for 10-15 minutes or overnight. I then put in the wash a scope of oxy powder let sit in washer for another 20-30 minutes or again overnight,continue wash as usual.

Dish soap! Just rub a little into the stain and, if it's bad, let it soak. I'm amazed at what stains it can get out. Better than all other stain removers!

I'm with the oxyclean team!! It gets everything out for us I spray our stains with spray and wash and have a bucket of water in our laundry room with a little oxyclean in it. I throw the stained clothes in there and wash them when I get to them. It works wonders!


Boy, do I remember those days. My children seemed to recognize a brand new outfit and have a "blow-out" everytime! It got to where I was afraid to even put them in something nice.

Soaking in Oxy Clean seemed to work well for me. Sometimes you will need to wash it more than once and even make a paste to put on the really tough stains.

Good luck!

TOTALLY TODDLER Nursery Stain Remover is wonderful. It has worked on everything that I've tried it on. Even on old stains. Babies R Us and Meijer carry it. BRU carries the gallon refills too.

soaking in Oxyclean is awsome! It only takes about 10 minutes and the stain is gone.

spray-n-wash w/resolve...my sister actually told me about this and it's been a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i keep a bottle in my daughters laundry basket and spray it on a stain before i throw it in the hamper and then a quick spray before i throw it in the wash. so far, it's gotten out EVERYTHING!!!! hope this helps...

Shout gel on the stain just prior to washing and a scoop-full of oxy-clean powder along with the detergent when washing. If that doesn't work, try soaking the clothing in a bucketful of diluted oxy-clean powder overnight.

Hi H., I buy Oxi-clean laudry spray. It is the absolute best stain remover ever. I have missed stains and pulled items out of the dryer and felt the clothes were ruined. I simply have sprayed the item, and rewashed and they are brand new again. It works on all types of stains!! You can find it about any store, in the laundry aisle. Good luck! Lisa

Murphy's oil soap and rub, then wash. You will then have to rewash to get that smell out before your child wears it. It worked on a lot of our things.

I have had good luck with a few products...sunlight bar soap, liquid hand soap (Jergens), and shout with oxiclean. The first two are especially good for baby's sensitive skin. Good Luck

Hi H., My name is M., I am a mother of three and a pediatric nurse. First I commend you for breastfeeding your baby as I did my own 3 children and loved it. I never had alot of trouble with breastmilk stains but one thing that I used was Biz laundry booster. Works great. I bought a new large size plastic bucket and would dissolve about 1 cup of BIz in fairly warm water and put my babies clothes to soak sometimes over night. Dump the bucket out into the washer and add your laundry soap and more water depending on the load size. Wash and rinse as normal. I had great results with Biz and continued to use it even as my children grew up and got messer. Good luck, M.

first i would soak them, then use shout and rub that in then i would wash it w/ dreft or your regular detergent w/ clorox 2 for colors or bleach it for whites. that's what i have done and got it right out. the other thing that i have found is that using peroxide after rinsing it out then washing it sometimes works. hope this helps.

Hello I have a 3month who has blow-outs all the time. I use Shout and a scrubbie.Dobbie is name of the scrubbie it is yellow, a little stiff. Can be found @ most stores by laundery soap or by the cleaning supplies.

If all the sprays and soaks don't work, try laying it out in the sun!!! I have done that ever since my girls were babies.
I still do it quite often. In some cases I have seen this work even after it has gone through the dryer.

Good Luck!!

My parents sent me an email about using house hold poroxide on stains, it is the same thing they put in the expensive product OXI clean. It works amazing add it to the load of laundry and put a little on the stain it self. sounds strange but it works I know use it all around the house as a cleaning agent and it is very inexpensive.

Hope it help you also.

When i was dealing with all of those things to I found that the Dreft Stain remover worked the best on the clothes. I would een use it on my clothes sometimes to get the breast milk stain out. The Dreft stain remover is not in the laundry soap aisle either. It is in with the baby asiles.

I am surprised the stains won't come out if your baby is exclusively breastfed. Dreft works really well!

This stuff that I found is called Goo Gone and it works WONDERS!!

oxiclean! I use stain stick then soak in oxiclean. Sometimes it has to soak overnight bit it works

OXY-CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I breastfed my son and his clothes were getting the yucky poop stains, I bought oxyclean and soaked them overnight and ALL the stains, even old ones came out!

I am with the oxy clean group. I had a step daughter on simalac, with reflux and a breast fed son I hated I could never get the stains out hers were the worst the reflux would take the die out of everything, till one day I ordered the oxy clean. I took cloths that had been stained for a few months and soaked them in a pail of water and oxy clean for 24 hours then washed them. they looked brand new. So from that point forward I kept a bucket of oxy clean and water (just like you would a diaper pail) for her cloths more than my son.
I know the pink and white stuff I cant recall the name works great on the stains kids get when they are older mine are long past the baby stage and I cant tell you if it works on baby stains.


I've used Biz, Oxiclean, chlorine bleach on whites, soaking, treating the stain fast, etc. I always used to soak the poopy baby things overnight, but then I used cloth diapers too. It worked pretty well. My daughter said she used onesies under everything, and they absorbed most of the poop and could either be bleached or just left with a slight stain since they aren't visible under clothing. Hey, at least it doesn't smell gross like formula poop! G. B.

I used to use "Zout" its a spray that you use before putting the clothes in the washing machine. You can actually get it at the dollar store!

Have you tried Cascade dishwashing soap or Oxi Clean but my favorite is Spray in Wash concentrate it is in a bottle one side pink the otherside white and it works great. Although you cannot leave it on clothes otherwise it will discolor it.

Hope this helps!

C. L.

Mother of son and triplet girls


Well my daughter did the same thing. Everytime she went it was a blowout. What i did was. Rinse the clothes in cold water then spray Shout on them and just threw them in the laundry container. I found out if i washed them right away the stains didn't all come out. I haven't had a problem since. Then i just do my laundry the next day or so. It gives it time for the shout to work.

I can tell you what works good with cloth diapers that are stained... and I've found that if I follow this protocol with stained clothes, they come out everytime. Rinse and soak her clothes in COLD water. Then use warm or hot water with 1/3 cup baking soda along with a tsp. of detergent for washing. On the rinse cycle or (you can add 1 oz of white vinegar to a Downy ball). Also, as a side note, I found that when I switched to cloth diapers (FuzziBunz or Kissaluvs) were so much better at containing poop than disposables! I saved a lot of cute clothing from being destroyed. HTH

I soak my baby's clothes in Oxy Clean for babies. It works like a charm

HI H., I would try the baby oxi clean. You can get it at toyrus or babysrus. My older daughter (who is 4) has #2 issues so I rinse, soak in water then night before wash day soak overnight and that seems to work 90% of the time. I have soaked longer when got busy. The carton says a few hrs but overnight works for me. Hope this helps.


I use the Amway spray it it works great- as long as I wash the clothing right away...the spray was a gift from a family member...so I am not sure if you can order it online or not!

try the spray and wash that comes in the bottle where half is pink and half is white. I haven't found a stain it doesn't take out... However you have to be careful with bright colors, sometimes it take those out too!

I use oxy-clean spray, I love it.

I have found that the OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover does a miraculous job on stains - it was recommended to me by two other mothers. It's in a blue clear plastic spray bottle. When I get some really stubborn stains - mostly on the whites, I also use the clorox stain pens and so far my son's clothing is continuing to look great! Hope that helps! - T.

dreft stain removal - still use it even though we're no longer using dreft!

H. - Try Shout Stain Remover or Shout Action Gel Advanced. Spray and Wash is good too. Don't put your spray directly on top of the poop. You'll want to run a prewash cycle first to get most of it out and THEN spray it. I'm not a hands on type when it come to poop or throw up. I like to let the laundry machine do it for me ;-). After the prewash, spray the stain remover on and you'll have no problems! I breast fed too. I remember those days. Also, just a hint, your little girls diaper size may need to be increased. A bigger size will hold more. Ughhhh! I remember those constant blow outs. Such a pain. She will outgrow it though.


I squirt Resolve carpet cleaner on stains then put them in the hamper til washing day. It works GREAT! I got that tip from a mom of 5 kids.

Well, I end up making a pasty "pile" of water and oxyclean or the more earth friendly version of it from Trader Joes and rubbing it on the stains and then soaking it for a day or two. It may require two washings (or resoaking again) but I have really good luck as long as it never goes in the dryer.

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