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Is Chinese Calendar True??

I am curious to see if Chinese Calendar is just a fake site or really true. It doesn't prove to be true for my first child but true for my second; the most important thing I notice is that they don’t deliver the same results from site to site. I have two boys and I will be very sad to have another boy again. I feel so discouraged right now that this chart is showing that I will have yet another boy. I was 34 when I just conceived a month ago, in January. I will be 35 when the baby will be born. Have this calendar proved it right or wrong for you?

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It was right with all 3 of my kids and my sister in laws baby... Also, a few of my friends have tried it and it was right for them as well. I had 2 boys then finally got my girl with my last (& final) pregnancy

Right all 3 times for me. Right both times for my sister. Of everyone I've ever talked to about it, it was only wrong for one person.

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Might I suggest that you simply be happy with the lovely child you've been given? I personally find it very sad that you say you "will be very sad to have another boy again." What if any of your sons see this? Can they never be as good as a girl? When you get an ultrasound or give birth and find out the child is a boy, do you want that being your first thought? One of disappointment? I don't want for you to feel attacked, that is not my purpose in writing this, I just hope you'll look at the things you're writing and simply focus on having another healthy baby to add to your family.

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Considering the options, it has a 50-50 chance of being "right". Either you'll have a boy or a girl.

It was right only the first time for me. Remember it goes my your chinese age, so depending on which site you are using, it may be differently calculated by your american age. And there are stats broken down by month (mine was 70% likely to have a boy in December 2007, but I ended up being part of the 30%)! Find a site that lists the percentages of likelihood..I don't remember which ones we used. Good luck, girls are super fun, I have two!

Right all 3 times for me. Right both times for my sister. Of everyone I've ever talked to about it, it was only wrong for one person.

i was just going to say like the person before me... it has a 50/50 chance of being right! hahaha!!! It was right for my first, and wrong for my second. :-) I

Right both times for me!

Right all three times for us. We used it to help conceive a boy the third time. If it was "girl" month, I told my husband to go take a cold shower - LOL!

It was wrong for my first one, so I didn't even bother looking when I got pregnant the second time.

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