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Updated on June 03, 2009
J.M. asks from Fox River Grove, IL
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I never thought I would be writing for advice on this - I have worked my butt off my entire pregnancy to eat super healthy and stay active. I was of normal weight pre-pregnancy. I record all my meals and make sure I am getting adequate amounts of protein, calcium and iron and take my pre-natal vitamin. I have followed a strict 1900-2000 calorie diet which was approved my my doctor. This was all so that I could avoid gaining 50-60 pounds as I did with my first two babies. I was happy about my low weight gain throughout my first and second trimesters as I knew that weight tends to come on quickly in the last trimester. However, now that I am in the third trimester the weight gain has stayed very slow and now at almost 36 weeks I have only gained 15 pounds total. My regular doctor isn't concerned but then a nurse at the practice told me I needed to "hurry up" and gain 5-8 more pounds. I had an ultrasound about 4 weeks ago and baby was measuring perfect, in fact a little large - she was estimated at 4.5 pounds at 31-32 weeks. I have even upped my calories to about 2200 a day for the last week and still my weight has stayed the same. The only thing I can think of is that I am having horrible heartburn problems and the only thing I can stomach at times is fruit and veggies so I have been eating less "bread" carbs, although I do still have about 3-4 bread servings a day. I am not sure what I should do - it seems like a waste to pig out just for the sake of quickly gaining 5 pounds. I just want my baby to be healthy and I feel like since the scale hasn't budged in 3 weeks she must not be putting on any weight and that freaks me out. I have my next dr appt on Monday but I just wanted to get some advice or hear other people's experiences who have had low weight gain or weight that did not increase in the third trimester. Since mine was so out of control in previous pregnancies this is new to me. Thanks!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Here is some tips for you that i am following now. well, at least im trying to achieve.. Hope it would help you. Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

Here's another thought. The baby is gaining weight, you are losing weight. The net effect is zero weight gain on the scale. This happened to me also. Up the calories only if the doctor recommend it, otherwise continue on your eating schedule. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!



answers from Los Angeles on

If your baby is measuring healthy just relax. My friend just had twins and at 32 weeks she had only gained 18 pounds. her babies were born at 36 week and they were over 4.5 pounds each. don't worry and just enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hey Jamie, don't sweat it. I think you are doing fine. that 25 to 30 pound thing is mostly for those who are very thin before pregnancy. If you try to stuff yourself at this late date you will end up with serious heartburn. Just ease up on the calorie restritions and eat as much as you feel like. You've done a good job up to now, so just take it easy.



answers from Honolulu on

It really depends on your situation. Each woman is different. If your doctor is not concerned, then that is fine.

With my first pregnancy, I was very trim and weighed a "perfect" weight as my Doc told me. I gained 25 pounds during this pregnancy, and ate healthily, not junk. My weight gain was "on target" as my Doc told me. The extra weight did not come off after I gave birth however. Then 4 years later I was pregnant with my 2nd child...albeit at my increase in weight from my 1st pregnancy. So then, with my 2nd pregnancy, my Doc told me not to gain more than 15 pounds. I ate fine, did not deny myself anything, ate healthily and wisely...and yep, I only gained 15 pounds. It was PERFECTLY fine. Both my babies were born fully developed, healthy, and at 8 pounds plus, and it was a trouble free pregnancy.

So, the amount of weight needed per each pregnancy, can vary, depending on your start weight for each pregnancy. Only your Doctor would know, what is best in your condition.

I'm sure you are fine, with your weight. Don't worry. Go according to our doctor. Remember, even women in 3rd world countries without good food like us, can still deliver healthy babies.

take care and all the best,



answers from San Diego on

Hi Jamie, I think the weight gain thing is different for different people, when I was pregnant with my first baby, my doctor told me that the women who gain the more weight ( with in reason) and the healthir babies, and easire labor and delivery time, that was almost 25 years ago. I gained about 35 lbs with all 3 of my pregnancy, this is not the time to diet, you need to eat, fruits and veggies are great, but with in reason don't worry so much about what you eat, remember I said with in reason. Heart burn is pretty much a given when you are pregnant, I drank milk and I used tums to help with that. I would listen to your doctor, if you don't agree with something or you still have concerns about something get a second opinion. Some women gain the bigest part of their weith towards the end of their pregnancy, that's how it was for me. The key thing is don't worry cause that's not good for you or your baby, I wish you a very happy healthy baby. J.



answers from Los Angeles on

I can completely understand. With my first i gained 50lbs and did not want to do that again. With my second i watched everything i ate, kept good track of calories, carbs etc and i only gained 18lbs total. I was up at 24lbs in my third trimester and was getting nervous but didn't change a thing. I actually ended up loosing 6lbs the last 3 weeks!! My dr was not too concerned, she did an ultra sound to make sure that my fluids were ok and that the baby was gaining weight and she was! she was born 2 weeks early at 8lbs 2oz and 19.5inches long!
I would not be worried. Your body will gain what it needs to gain for the baby if you are eating right. You can over eat and gain WAYY too much (like we did with our firsts) but it looks like you are doing well with your eating etc... The baby will take from you if anything. If your baby is on the "larger" side i would esp not be worried. Don't listen to the nurses, seriously i love them but they can give such false information. Thats a wholenother story for me! Listen to your Dr. thats why they are called DR.S!
Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and good luck!
God Bless! and Congrats!

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