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Updated on September 06, 2010
M.F. asks from New Canaan, CT
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I'm 26 and pregnant with my 3rd child..I was exercising everyday before I got pregnant this time..running 3.5 milles and doing spinning classes. And I was finally almost at my desired weight! Now, I have a few friends who are pregnant with their 2nd and 1 of them is a week ahead of me and NOT EVEN SHOWING! The other is due 2 days before and also barely showing! I on the other hand have popped like you would not believe! I am just feeling a little nervous about gaining to much weight because 1) I gained A LOT with my first..and 2) It's been sooo hard to loose it! Also,with my second (who was 10.1lbs) I was all baby. I guess I'm just parannoyed that I'm going to gain a lot and being my 3rd-not ever loose the weight :o( Is this all normal??

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answers from Lansing on

It's completely normal. I looked huge with all 4 of my kids! I am short though, but gained 65 lbs with my 2nd and 60 lbs with my 3rd baby. I'd get comments ALL the time about how large I was, and was always being asked if I was having twins. In fact, I hated it because I was pregnant at the same time as my sister once and she didn't look pregnant until right up to the end. My husband's cousin was the same way and I had to go through 2 pregnancies with her. LOL. I've had 4 kids and lost all my pregnancy weight with each one. It takes a lot of determination and hard work, but you can do it if you're real motivated to lose it. Don't listen to those people that say it never came off for them. I had people tell me that too!

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answers from Bellingham on

Oh the dreaded face of pregnancy weight gain. I gained 60lbs with my first and it was horrible. I took everyone literally when they said I was eating for two and ate for 2...sumo wrestlers. Then my daughter was born and I hardly lost 8 lbs. I was devastated. It took me a year to lose it all. When we had our second I was determined to not gain as much and stayed with in the 30lbs alotted me. But I stressed over every morsal I put into my mouth and felt guilty for being hungry - I ate but my attitude was unhealthy. Still, after her birth I had a long road to lose the weight I'd gained. It did happen, but each time I worried and fretted about it, and someone said "Oh, you'll lose it" I wanted to bop them in the kisser. It's easier said than done. I learned though, that neither pregnancy had the healthiest attitude. The first time I was glutonous and that did me no good, but the stress and worry the second time wasn't much better. It wasn't until the 6 month mark when I made up my mind to be health focused not number focused did I relax.

That being said, you can and will lose it! You've taken good care of your body since having your second and so your body will once again work with you to lose the weight after this baby. You know, after your first pregnancy how to manage what you eat and what is within your control, but remember you're growing another person. That takes time, energy and fuel, remember the weight that you gain is fuel and protection for your little one. It is also a HUGE sacrifice that you're making, of your body and your self esteem. No matter what you feel like remember that you're beautiful. The fact that you're showing sooner is attributed to the fact that you are on babe #3, not because you're gaining too much.

Hang in there. I know it's hard to face the weight battle. We can thank society for our insecurities and fears. Just remember when it's all said and done, you'll have a sweet baby in arms and you will lose the weight. And what I've hung onto, is with all my struggle to be healthy and lose weight, I'm teaching my children to keep their bodies healthy all the time (we don't talk about weight loss or diets, just healthy bodies so that we are there for our families.). This is a chance to show them how to keep care of themselves, because you're doing it too!

Good luck and congratulations!

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answers from New York on

The paranoia is normal. Every pregnancy is different. If you can eat small meals throughout the day. Try eating more fruits and vegetables too. Congratulations on baby 3. You're still young and your muscles have muscle memory so with a consistant exercise regimen you should be able to bounce back faster since you were almost at your goal at the start of your pregnancy.

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answers from New York on

I know! All totally normal

Stop looking in the mirror and stop comparing yourself to others! And don't buy or even look at the magazines in the stores - I saw a photo of a size 4 woman and she looked terrible - only the size 0 women look beautiful in the magazines. Talk about impossible!

Your muscles have been stretched twice, so you are showing earlier. That is normal.

Remember doing a good job on no.2, being all baby. Instead of worrying about months from now, enjoy today and the precious life you are nurturing and protecting and providing for. Then just be moderate in your eating and exercize - drink tons of water, eat tons of fresh fruit and veggies, good meats - not fast food or deep fried. That's the best you can do. I gained more with no.2 than the others.

You'll be great!



answers from Dallas on

Of course its normal to be paranoid. It sounds like you've got a pretty good work out routine that will help you shed any extra pounds you might have gained after the baby is born. As long as you eat healthy, drink lots of water, and don't over do it on the junk food I bet you'll be just fine. Besides you are only 26 you have a young metabolism and time on your side when it comes to losing weight.



answers from New York on

hello.& happy pregnancy! try not to worry about your weight gain. i'm 40 and a mother of 6. my oldest child is 20 & my youngest are 3 year old twins. i bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 125 even after my 4th child. i'm still working to lose the last 3 pounds gained since the birth of my twins. you're doing a wonderful thing by exercising & breastfeeding also seemed to help me bounce back believe it or not! my pregnancy weight was mostly water weight that disappeared right after the birth! so try not to worry; bouncing back may be easier than you anticipate. take care.


answers from Pocatello on

Well for one it's their second and your third so you could start showing sooner than them. Also it depends on your body. People just carry babies differently. I mean how far along are you and how much weight have you gained? I have a friend who was very skinny (like 113 pounds) and was totally showing at 12 weeks. But she only ended up gaining 24 pounds total. So try not to compare.



answers from New York on

Hi, you're on your third little one. Your tummy is not the way it was before you had children, and it wasn't the same after the first or second. You'll probably expand a little more than you wish to, but it's o.k. After the baby, just make sure to breast feed, because that helps in losing weight and do a lot of tummy sit ups. I have two kids, I too go to the gym, and always do intense sit ups, but sometimes I still find my gutt to be bloating out after I've eaten. My tummy was flat as an ironing board before the children, but oh well, I don't think it will ever be the same as it was when I was without kids. Don't worry,I'm sure you look beautiful, the fact that you work out is a big plus in your life. Also, your 26 and I'm 40 you'll have plenty of time to lose all the weight you need to.Enjoy your pregnancy and good luck to you.

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