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Glass Bottles

N.V. asks from Boston

I'm just wondering if anybody out there use the Evenflo glass bottles. I noticed there is a new glass bottle out called "Born Free" but they are so pricey! My main ...


Glass Bottles and Covers

J.J. asks from Chicago

Hiya moms! I am wanting to switch to glass bottles with my next baby but have a few questions maybe some can answer. 1. Do they clean well in the dishwasher?...


Safe Baby Bottles?

K.B. asks from Boston

I'm having my first baby in May and am planning on breastfeeding, but still would like to have some bottles in the house. Recently I have been hearing a lot about BP...


Best Baby Bottles

L.M. asks from Knoxville

I have a two week old that is a wonderful breast-feeder. I am wanting to introduce a bottle that is most like the breast so dad can feed if necessary. Do you have s...


Need Advice on Breast Pumps and Bottles

H.C. asks from Reading

I need some advice on buying a good breast pump and also bottles that don't leak. My first pregnancy I was given an Ameda breast pump from a friend and it died after ...


BPA Free Bottles (Namely MilkBank and Breastflow)

B.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Mommies! I'm nearly 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby and will breastfeed again. It was a wonderful experience with my first and I'm so proud of myself for...


Pumping Breast Milk into Bottles. Need Advice!

J.B. asks from San Francisco

I have been PUMPING breast milk into BOTTLES for my son who is 1 week old today. I decided to do this instead of directly breast feeding him because he sucks very har...


What Breast Pump and Bottles/nipple Combination Works Well?

L.R. asks from Dallas

Dear Mamasource Moms: There are so many different pumps and bottle/nipples on market, I'm wondering what you recommend. I think, but am not sure, some pumps work b...


Medela Pump Parts- Reuse Old Ones or Buy New?

C.B. asks from Denver

Hi all- I am expecting my second child in about 6 weeks! I have a Medela Pump-in-Style breast pump that I used for my last child- totally loved it! I'm wondering a...


Questions About Breast Pumps

H.S. asks from San Diego

I have a lot of questions about breat pumps. I will have to return to work about 6 weeks after having my baby so I will need to pump my breastmilk. I have heard that ...