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Best Bottle for Breastfeeding Baby?

I am currently pregnant (due in just 8 weeks). I am planning on breastfeeding and pumping. I have been researching bottles for breastfeeding babies and...


Advice on Bottle Types

My son is due in June and I am planning on exclusively breastfeeding him, howeve...

Bottle Brush

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Questions About Bottle Feeding

I am having a baby in a couple of weeks and I am planning on breastfeeding, but I will eventually have to go back to work and my day care provider will...


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Cracked Nipples

Hello Moms Sooooo, i asked the question of how to get my milk back earlier... now, i got an electric breast pump and instantly started pumping... The ...


Raw Nipples

I am a new to the breastfeeding thing. Everything has been going okay for the l...

Warmer & Sterilizer

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Glass Bottles

I'm just wondering if anybody out there use the Evenflo glass bottles. I noticed there is a new glass bottle out called "Born Free" but they are so pr...


Safe Baby Bottles?

I'm having my first baby in May and am planning on breastfeeding, but still woul...


Best Baby Bottles

I have a two week old that is a wonderful breast-feeder. I am wanting to introd...