Does Dishwasher Does Sterilization?

Updated on April 26, 2010
S.T. asks from Edison, NJ
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Hi all,
My friend says that she doesn't sterilize her 1 yr old baby's bottles anymore...the reason she gives is not because she is grown but because, she says, she put her bottlse in the dishwasher and steam of it during the drying process kills all the bacteria and does the same sterilization...What do u think?

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answers from Rochester on

I never really sterilized bottles (at any age). My kids both started getting a bottle from daddy at 3 weeks so they would take breastmilk when I went back to work. Maybe once a week I boiled breast pump parts and every month or so boiled bottles and parts. I don't have a dishwasher so wash everything in hot, soapy water. There is no need to sterilize on top of using a dishwasher, and generally hand-washing is going to be just fine.

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answers from Sacramento on

Every other dish you eat off of gets clean enough in the dish washer... if you feed her off of a spoon, from a bowl, etc. let her drink from regular cups, why wouldn't you think it's good enough for washing bottles?

I NEVER used a sterilizer (but I used drop-ins so most of the bottle got thrown in recycling).

Hope this helps.


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answers from Detroit on

I never sterilized bottles even one time.. they went in the dishwasher.

There is no reason to sterilize bottles for normal healthy babies..If the child has some major health issue they might need some special treatment. but heck by the time a kid is 11 month old he is crawlig and walking and down on the floor eating dirt..

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answers from Columbus on

If the water gets hot enough it's fine. I never sterilized my baby's bottles anyway, no matter how old the baby was. Hot water & soap like the rest of my dishes was just fine.

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answers from Spokane on

I only sterilized the bottles/binkys when we brought them home from the store...after that into the dishwasher or hand washed. That's it.



answers from New York on

When I took my oldest daughter for her first check up at 4 weeks the doctor asked me if I was sterilizing her bottles. When i said yes, of course. He asked me why? He explained his reason and it made sense.

The doctor said that as soon as they start putting their hands in their mouth you have lost the battle of sterilizing. That it was just an additional job and stress producer, that could be eliminated and make my day easier as long as I washed and rinsed the bottles and nipples in the hottest ater I could put my hands into.

I was holding her in my lap as he checked her and she was very happily chewing/sucking on her fingers.
I never sterlized another bottle after that day for her or my 2 younger daughters. And the oldest is now 32.



answers from New York on

I gave up steralizing after the first couple weeks and just set the dishwasher to the hottest setting. Kids are almost 2 and no problems!



answers from New York on

Dishwahser does NOT sterilize the bottles. But I agree with the other posters, you do not have to sterilize at all. I never did.


answers from Kansas City on

you only really need to sterilize your nipples and bottles the first time you use them. after that any dishwasher will do.



answers from Utica on

Hi S.
I think it depends on whether you air dry your dishes to save energy, or you have a sanitize cycle on your dishwasher and use it. Also whether your water is hot enough. Mine has a heat cycle but they all don't so that the water is hotter than you can use it to wash your hands; it would burn you.
God bless you



answers from New York on

There are loads of places where people still sterilize their bottles. I am Australian and when my first daughter was born I didn't always sterilize the bottles and my aussie mum thought I was crazy. She would wait till I left the room and do I think the dishwasher is fine especially if you have the water good and hot. To appease my mother I did it for a while but I wouldn't bother after the first few months anyway because you want your baby to have a good strong immune system. Your friends one year old definitely doesn't need sterilized bottles.


answers from Barnstable on

All depends on how hot the dishwasher gets. I have a Bosch and it will melt your face off.



answers from New York on

Hi S.,
Yes, the dishwasher counts as sterilzation. Also, one year olds don't need their bottles sterilized. Sterilization is really a thing of the past. Even when I had my 15 year old, the pediatrician said it was not necessary to sterilize but I wasn't comfortable with that and sterilized pump parts, bottles, etc for the first few months.



answers from New York on

I stopped sterilizing every time when my kids were between 3-6 months old. For a while I did it weekly. I think a good dishwasher would do the job for an older baby. My kids were full tern and reasonably healthy and I didn't see any problems (no colds until after 6 months). If I had a preemie or baby with health issues I would be more careful though.



answers from New York on

it does the same thing


it does the same thing



answers from New York on

I used the dishwasher too adn had all confidence that it cleaned and sterlized the bottles just fine. Just make sure that your dishwasher water is hot enough. The time that you save with the dishwasher can be time put to spend with your baby. Just give it a try. If you don't be comfortable, then continue washing them. ----M.

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