Volunteering: Toddler

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How Do You Volunteer Your Time?

J.K. asks from Dallas

I'd like to start doing some volunteer work with my kids and was wondering if any of you have any advice on which organization I should participate with. Do any of y...


Looking to Volunteer

M.W. asks from Chicago

My company has a wonderful benefit called Charity Leave. We are given an extra week off paid to volunteer anywhere we choose. I have not taken advantage of this as of...


Volunteer Groups

H.A. asks from Chicago

I am looking to use some of my time with my daughter while she is still young to volunteer. I need ideas on what groups would be good for both of us to attend and pe...


Volunteer Appreciation

M.E. asks from San Francisco

I have been volunteering at my daughter's public school for the past 4 years. Last year I over-committed and tried to correct it this year by significantly reducing ...


Volunteer Ideas

K.R. asks from Lawrence

Ok this is an odd request I know but, I have always been able to go to my sons school and volunteer with whatever they needed me to do either for the teachers or pto/...


Looking for Volunteer Opportunities

J.R. asks from Philadelphia

Does anyone have any experience doing volunteer work with their kids? I am trying to think of some better ways to spend our weekends besides staying in and watching ...


Looking for a Place to Volunteer with My Children

J.S. asks from St. Louis

We are looking for some type of volunteer activity to do with our children (4, 6, 8). Does anyone know of something we can do with our kids or a website where they l...


13 y.o. Needs to Volunteer

M.S. asks from Dallas

My 13 y.o. daughter needs to volunteer for her membership in the National Jr. Honors Society. We are looking for ideas. She loves animals, babies, and craft activit...


Volunteer Opportunities for My Children and I

L.R. asks from Detroit

I am looking for ideas to get my children involved in volunteer opportunities. I would volunteer along with them as they are only 5 1/2 (twins). I feel they are ve...


Volunteer Opportunities for Kids?

T.R. asks from Syracuse

Hi, I'm interested in getting my family involved in some volunteer work, but a quick search of the web didn't prove to be too useful in finding kid friendly opportuni...