Volunteer Opportunities for Kids?

Updated on November 23, 2010
T.R. asks from Central Square, NY
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Hi, I'm interested in getting my family involved in some volunteer work, but a quick search of the web didn't prove to be too useful in finding kid friendly opportunities. Any suggestions of things you have done or where we might look? My son will be six next month. Thank you!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much! All awesome ideas. I'm very excited to get started. Thanks again & Happy Holidays!

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answers from Seattle on

We've done a babyfood & formula drive (when my son was 6), and a warm PJs for foster kids drive (at 7). This year I think we'll probably repeat the babyfood & formula drive.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter has volunteered for the local nursing homes. One of the things they have her do is call bingo. Maybe you could do that with him?

Also, do you have a local senior center? I am sure they would love to have the help. Even delivering meals on wheels together could be fun. I don't know if that is what it is called where you live though.

You are a wonderful mommy for teaching him compassion this young :)

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answers from New York on

I organized a play date at our local retirement facility. Great service and great for the kids. You could always just call around to see if they already have things organized that you can join in on. You really do make the residents so happy just to be there and smile.



answers from Washington DC on

We made our own last year. There was a family who was near destitute in church and we got Christmas dinner adn presents for them.
We also have done Operation Christmas child, that is over this year though.
THere is the Hefer project, he'd have to make money though.
We have gone to the SPCA and picked out a couple animals to get Christmas gifts for from their angel tree.
We go to KayBee toys or Toys R Us when the MArines are there and I let them get one toy for Toys for Tots.



answers from New York on

Check your local Pet Smart if you have one - they and other chain pet stores have cats that hope people will adopt. Typically they are cared for by volunteers.

Also check animal shleters in your area for volunteer programs.



answers from Tulsa on

The local food pantry accepts volunteers to check and sort food. That is something he could do with you.
We have been involved with a M. who takes kids to volunteer putting flags on veteran's graves, placing flags in people's yards on holidays, helping at the soup kitchen(kids were more in the way), helping at the community holiday meal(getting extra napkins, passing out milks).
Something we did at home was make the cards for the Meals On Wheels program. Each meal is delivered with a little notecard or drawing to cheer up the clients. Also, visiting an assisted living center if you can play piano and lead them in singing(not nursing homes as it can be disturbing). We have picked up trash around the school, daycare, and church.



answers from Rochester on

I understand. I too like to do volunteer work- espcially something that is kid friendly. I volunteer at a local senior living facility with activities. I have a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old. I try to go at least once a month and help out with what ever is going on. We have played card games,baked pies, made cards or other holiday decorations, had afternoon tea and cookie parties, etc. The activitiy coordinator is very good with coming up with interesting activiites. I pick the ones that I can easily do with the kids and the residents LOVE having the children come visit. Another good place to volunteer at is a Ronald McDonald House. Is there one in your area? They have several activities ranging from helping out with annual garage sales, to holiday decorating, to cooking dinner that a family (inlcuding kids) can help out with.
Hope that this helps.



answers from New York on

I know it's hard to find opportunities for younger ones. It unfortunate because that's the time when you want to teach them about helping others.

Some ideas....
pick up a card from a giving tree for a boy around his age, and have him go shopping for a gift
make cards to send to a Veteran's hospital
participate in a clean up day - many towns and cities or ecology related organizations sponsor these, or just pick up trash around your neighboorhood or at a local park
you check with your local soup kitchen

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