Flying with Anxiety While Pregnant

Updated on March 22, 2011
S.S. asks from Ravenna, OH
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Well ladies, we are going to Disney in May, which is about a 2 hour flight. I am the only one of my, my husband and my 5 yr old twins that has ever flown; and I"ve only flown once. On the way to Chicago, it was a breeze, but since I already have anxiety I took a xanax before the flight. On the return flight, I immediately began to get anxiety and was sick the entire way back (I was even in the bathroom puking while the flight was landing). So, basically I was suffering from both anxiety and motion sickness. Now that I am pregnant, I am worried that I will not be able to "help" my family on the flight (since they are all unfamiliar) and that I will have a panic attack the entire way there. I will be speaking with my OB about this at my next visit, but wanted to get some input from some moms out there was well. Is there anything you've been able to take safely while pregnant? Or, any other tricks from those frequent fliers? (and, I am not afraid of flying, but more closterphobia that brings on the anxiety)

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answers from New York on

I have severe anxiety when flying and always take xanax. But you cannot take xanax while pregnant. There are no safe anti anxiety drugs for pregnancy. That being said you need to figure out a way to stay calm. I had to fly last year while 7 months pregnant and with a 4yr old and 2 dogs under the seat. I got some Rescue Remedy drops and candies and there are anti nausea lollypops for both you and the kids. your OB will tell you it is not safe to take anything even rescue remedy but I took it and I did loads of research online and discussed it with doctors who agree with alternative and complementary medicine. Just get the alcohol free one. Your kids can take it too. I cant think of the brand of the lollypops but I got them at a good drug store. You could try Whole Foods I know they have the Rescue Remedy. Also you might try the wrist bands for motion sickness they are great for pregnancy.
Your kids should be fine if you keep them occupied. One thing I do with my DD on long flights is to get a little bag of dollar store toys(new things she has never seen) and let her grab something about once an hour. It is only a 2 hour flight so maybe a new coloring book or something you know they really like to keep them distracted. Nothing messy... no play dough or things with little pieces.
I feel for you... but I did find distracting my DD made me distracted and I did not feel as anxious.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Well as someone who also suffers from Claustrophobia (just in the last few years) and having tried many things, I have recently discovered EFT exercises. emotinal freedom technique.. if you go to EFTUNIVERSE.COM you can check out some of the stories on there as well as techniques. however , I think it's easier to understand the techniques if first you see an EFT Practitioner who can guide you.. anyway, so far, I have found that I am less anxious and as a result have been able to ride public transportation , even thru tunnels, which were once becoming a true problem for me. I am not 100% cured. but compared to the anxiety I once felt. I definitely think I am doing much better.. I have more work to do, but at least I feel like I am making some progress..

good luck to you

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answers from Charlotte on

I'd have more anxiety driving from Ohio to Florida than flying there. Would thinking about it like that make a difference while you're on the plane?

I have read that psychiatrists can hypnotize people who are afraid of flying to take the anxiety away. You might want to check that out and see if it would help you.

I second what one poster said about not letting your children see how nervous you are. It is important for them to feel safe when they fly.

Good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

First of all, how pregnant are you going to be when flying?

I was 6 months when I flew and even though I do not get anxious on a plane, I did experience health issues. As the plane took off My legs started to feel strange then 15 minutes into the flight I began to get dizzy. They ended up putting me on oxygen and had to take me to the hospital when we landed. The baby and I were fine, but the doctor explained that this was something that may happen to pregnant women on planes.

She explained that a pregnant woman's circulatory system changes and sometimes doesn't pressurize the same as a non-pregger. I asked if it would happen again and she told me it may. When I got back on the plane I did start to feel it again, but this time knew what was happening and that it was going to be ok. Although I did feel slightly light headed, it didn't get bad because I wasn't anxious that time around.

I am concerned with your past anxiety issues that if this pressurizing thing happens to you it may make things worse. Is it possible you can make it into a road trip?

Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck.



answers from Dallas on

I"m the same as you. Since you can't take Xanax pregnant, my dr told me to take two benadryl. makes you groggy enough to not worry about things so much. might even knock you out. i think you should sleep and let your hubby take care of the kids. There's not much he'll need help with really. Give them snacks and drinks and fun things to play and you should be able to sleep.



answers from New York on

Whatever you do, please do not be "anxious" in front of your kids. They will experience this flight in whatever manner you model for them. If you have a panic attack on the plane, they will freak out. In all reality, they will probably love the whole experience and your husband should take the lead on this one.

I am a "frequent flyer", as are my husband and son. Honestly, flying is very safe- which probably doesn't make you feel better. When I was younger, I babysat for a Delta pilot who told me that "planes don't fall out of the sky". If there are issues, they happen on take-off and landing, but those "issues" are very few and far-between. He suggested that I watch the flight attendants during take-off and landing. If they are relaxed (usually reading a magazine), then there's nothing to worry about. If they are in a panic, then worry.

Otherwise, there are meds you can take while pregnant.



answers from Cleveland on

In H.S. I had a terrible experience flying & every time since then (even when flights are good) I get off the plane & puke due to anxiety ~ I've flown quite a few more times since that trip nearly 20 years ago. The last time I flew was from Ohio to Maui, I had a 5 y/o & I was pregnant (my sister got married there so my whole family went). Our daughter had never flown, so I forced myself to stay calm on the ridicously long flight in order to show my daughter everything would be fine. I know you can do it!! We are going to Disney this summer with family ~ 1st time our daughter I was pregnant with in Maui (who is now 4) will be on a plane. I'll be forcing myself to stay calm again!


answers from Chicago on

I pray and then concentrate on my kids the entire flight...if they are with me or not...That helps me a lot. I have flown a few times while pregnant (maybe 5 or 6 with my 3 pregnancies) but never took anything to "calm me." Good luck!