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Travel to San Francisco with 4 SMALL Kids

Hi Everyone, We are a military family living in central California. My husband has a break in late June and we feel like we should venture north a bit and see San Francisco while we are are here. We are not intrepid travelers at all and we have four children ages 1, 2, 5, and 5. We are planning to spend 1-2 nights and the surrounding days in San Francisco. We already have on our itinerary to go to the zoo, the childrens museum in Sausilito, and see the golden gate bridge. What other things are must dos and achievable with 4 little...


Diaper Bag for 2

I have a newborn and a 2 year old. Before my second was born, the diaper...

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Car Seat for Young Toddler

We are searching for a car seat that will be the last one we buy. Here are the criteria we're looking to match: converts to a booster, under $200, AND (the biggie) has straps that are long enough to accommodate a winter coat. We just bought the Graco Nautilus but found that it is too tight for our 20 lb tiny daughter in her winter coat with the straps at the lowest shoulder level. I wonder how older or average-sized kids fit in this car seat. I know that the car seat makers advise that children not be dressed in bulky clothing, but we...