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Updated on March 08, 2013
K.L. asks from Fort Stewart, GA
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I have a newborn and a 2 year old. Before my second was born, the diaper bag we had was working just fine. Now, with 2, our bag is not large enough. I like to be prepared with extra diapers (obviously), clothes, snacks, etc. We end up having to take a second bag with us when we go on long car rides, so we can pack entertainment for our 2 year old. I would like to keep my large planner in the bag with me too, so I only have to tote around 1 bag. I know that many women just use a regular tote bag, or a large purse, but I am thinking that won't work for us because I like to have compartments for stuff and not have to dig around or remove half of the bag's contents before getting to what I need. Any suggestions?

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answers from Chicago on

When I had my second, I bought a great backpack from lands end. 3 years later, after daily use, it still looks new. It has great compartments, and I cloth diaper and have a kid with allergies, so I carry lots of stuff around. I highly recommend a backpack.

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answers from Denver on

start looking into backpacks. a lot of them have compartments and they hold more than the diaper bag.

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answers from Seattle on

Instead of lugging it all around >^.^<
Put a diaper changing /Snack system in your car. Then keep the bag for just the essentials for an instant emergency - which sometimes can also seem like you need all too - however paired down. you will find your balance :)
I reused two of the long diaper boxes in the back of my Tahoe,. one was for extra clothing diaper/changing stuff (wipes, mats, cream, extra pants & actually light blankets too) and the other was snacks/water bottlle, juice boxes. (for the fam, not just the lil ones) And in the summer I kept a beach box/colapsable bag with the extra suits & sand gear, picnic gear ~ we were able to go on any play day without much work.

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answers from New York on

Instead of schlepping around a giant diaper bag, pack a small one and keep extras in car. I had four age three n under and never carried a big bag. Car had everything I could possibly need.

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answers from Miami on

I have always kept a Rubbermaid container of "necessities" in both cars:
- Package of wipes
- 5 Diapers
- Diaper garbage bags
- Pacifier
- Spare outfits (2 for baby, 1 for big kid)
- Tissues
- Individual sized servings of Goldfish
- Mini water bottles
- Powdered formula (the travel tubes)
- Crayons/Paper and mini magna doodle

I know it sounds "nerdy", but this way, I have been able to just grab what I need on the way into a store, restaurant, MIL's whatever without having to carry the world on my shoulders (literally). There was a time when we were finishing up potty training that my husband kept a mini potty in the truck too, just in case!

I use one medium sized messenger bag (Eddie Bauer) with a center pocket and a couple of pockets throughout. I have transitioned from my giant planner to a DROID (which I really didn't want but it is so much easier) and have streamlined my keys so that they are just what I actually need on a daily basis and can clip onto the key hook in the diaper bag.

Seriously. Don't carry all of that stuff with you all of the time. Have it with you in the car and just grab it as you need it! Don't forget to replenish though!

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answers from Los Angeles on

with two a diaper bag/ back pack is a requirement. Petunia Pickle Bottom has great bags, but expensive.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I always used a backpack which kept my hands free to deal with the kids.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Yep - that's when I switched to a backpack!!! I still used a smaller diaper bag/purse for just trips to the store or whatever, but LOVED my backpack. And it's hands free!

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answers from Portland on

I agree with the backpack suggestion. With two kiddos, you'll be glad to have your hands free.

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answers from Washington DC on

Backpack. It will also keep your arms and hands free. Many moms in my Meet Up changed to backpacks (of every variety, not nec. diaper bags) in the toddler years.

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answers from Phoenix on

My son was born 10 days before my daughter's 2nd birthday. My big Coach diaper bag just wasn't big enough, especially with potty training around the corner. I bought a Petunia Picklebottom Abundance backpack and it was PERFECT! I was able to fit everything I could possibly need for both kids in there plus my "purse" stuff with room to spare. It is easy to clean, easy to carry or wear as a backpack and so durable. Not cheap, but well worth every penny.

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answers from Denver on

I'm a classic under-packer. Even with a baby and 2 year old in tow, I was bothered if I had to carry a bag any larger than a purse for a general outing. So I converted to the diaper changing/snack system in my car that several others have talked about. I could spend an afternoon at the mall with only 2 diapers, a small package of wipes, a bottle, and a small towel tucked in a small bag. I was secure knowing no matter how bad things got, I was never more than a 3 minute dash from my car where I could get more supplies. And very rarely did I need more than that. There was one time when DH spilled a 32 oz drink all over him and DD, and even then it took me all of 30 seconds to run out to the car to get a spare outfit.

The only time I'd pack heavier was the zoo or a theme park, where it'd take me longer to get back to the car. And even then, I never carried spare outfits. Those could all stay in the car. I figured if things got so bad I needed another outfit, we'd probably need to go to the car anyway!

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answers from Kansas City on

Thirty-One sells a Super Organizing Utility Tote that is awesome. Lots of outside pockets and it zips on the top. Here is a picture from ebay...


I wouldn't buy it off ebay. I'd find a Thirty-One consultant in your area. It retails for $50.

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answers from Savannah on

I shopped at ju ju be.. I have the large messenger.. But they have the adaptable straps to carry like a backpack
and diaper/wipe holders you can attatch to the side.

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