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Updated on December 01, 2007
E.H. asks from Circle Pines, MN
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***EDITED*** After reading the responses, I guess I should have specified that I'm looking at one of those backless elastic covers for a car seat that has the little flap for the face. I assumed those were referred to as bunting bags too since they showed up under my search. I'm new to all this baby/winter stuff! :)

I plan on getting a Britax Roundabout convertible car seat for my daughter now that she is getting close to outgrowing her Graco Snugride. For those of you that have a Britax Roundabout, what bunting bag fits it? My mom is wanting to get a bunting bag for my daughter for Christmas and I figure there's no point in getting one that fits her infant carrier since she'll outgrow it before winter is over.

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answers from Minneapolis on

You shouldn't use the bunting bags (Like the JJ Cole Bundle ME) anyway. They go behind the child, and they go around the straps, and the impair hte way the carseat works, and will actually void your warranty if you get into an accident and the seat fails, aftermarket prodcuts (those that don't come WITH the seat) are a big no-no. Basically you don't want to use anything fluffy, anything that goes behind the child, around the straps. All you want to put your child in is light layers, and a fleece top. So a onesie, a shirt, and a fleece jacket. Let her wear her jacket to the car, remove it, and then put her in the carseat. She wont' freeze or catch cold.

If you wear a puffy jacket or those bunting bags, it holds the baby away from teh carseat, and the straps away from the baby. A way to tell if the jacket or bunting bag is too fluffy, put your child in his winter jacket, and buckle him into his carseat. tighten the straps to where you think they are tight/safe with the jacket on, then unbuckle without loosening the straps, and take your child out, and remove his jacket. Then put him back in the carseat nad hook the belts. You'll see how loose it is,thats how loose the straps would be in an accident should your child be wearning taht fluffy jacket. THe jacket will compress in an accident and make those straps that loose. Your child will be just as warm, if not warmer, wearing light layers.

Again, no fluffy winter jackets, no bunting bags. Call Graco, call Britax, they will ALL tell you do NOT use bunting bags, like the JJ Cole Bundle me, or fluffy jackets. However you can use the stretchy ones that go over the top of the carseat, like a shower cap. I'll link you to a carseat board, please go there with any questions. Its owned a CPST (Certified Child Safety Technician) and the board is full of info!

Also, I'll ditto the poster who said skip the roundabout and go with the Marathon. Its only another $50, but you'll get at least 2-3 more years use out of it before your child outgrows it. A Roundabout is a compact seat, will only harness to 40lbs, and will probably be outgrown in height before weight. A Marathon will harness to 65lbs and will fit most 6 year olds... my 5 1/2 year old, 45lb, 48'' child still fits in this seat.

Also, Britax Marathon will rear face to 33lbs. You want to keep your child rear facing as long as possible! The 'law' is 1 year and 20lbs, however research now shows that is much safer to keep your child rear facing until they reach the 33/35lb weight limit rear facing on thier convertible carseat. The AAP is recommending rear facing to 33lbs and 2 years old. WHy? Because child spine does not fuse until they are closer to 3. If you forward face your child before, and even a low speed collision could cause thier spine to stretch too far, causing parilyzation or death, or internal decapitation. 1 year and 20lbs is the BARE MINIMUM, your child is owrth more than the bare minimum, so please keep her rear facing as long as possible!

So again, no bunting bags/Bundle Me's, no fluffy winter jackets, stay rear facing as long as possible, and think about getting the Marathon instead of the Roundabout. :) And check out the carseat board I linked above, its very informative.

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I am pretty sure they don't make backless ones for that size car seat only the JJ cole ones. And yes they interfere and add more padding, but at my last training they said it was more about how it pushed the straps and not so much the thickness since it is no different that having a coat or snowsuit on. I would say to go with a toddler size JJ cole and cut out the back so it doesn't interfere with the straps or to get a thinner fleece snowsuit like the ones they sell at LL Bean and Lands End.

And go for the Marathon IF it will fit in your car. Although I love Britax and think they are awesome remember that the best carseat is the one that fits your child and your car the best!



answers from Minneapolis on

I'm pretty sure bunting bags only fit infantseats and not convertible seats.
When you switch to a convertible carseat your pretty much into snowsuits,or winter coats that's your only option really. I could be totally wrong and if I am I apologize but I've never seen or heard of anyone using one except on infant seats and strollers.

Also I my own little opinion skip the Roundabout and buy the Marathon, you'll get a few more years out of it. My 6year old daughter still fits in a Marathon. My 6year old is 50lbs., 45inches tall. I have moved her onto the Britax Regent which is an enrmous beast but she still does fit in a Marathon. We have now owned the Graco snugride, Roundabout, Marathon, and Regent. If I were to do this all over again I'd definately skip the roundabout.
Also a warm fleece snowsuit or jacket works awesome in a carseat and it keeps them warm enough in the car. We usually do that and I give my daughter a blanket to keep warm. Her winter coats are very puffy and big and make her carseat not fit her correctly.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi E.,
I don't have a Britax, so I can't tell you which covers fit those. BUT, I do know that those things (you mean the elastic ones that create a sort of "lid," right?)were meant for carriers with the idea that you need something to keep Baby warm when carting her around in it. I don't think the shape of convertible car seats really allow for those things because it would be more vertical and smooshed up against the face. What I have seen, is wearable buntings are like other fleece or snowsuits on top (with a hood, arms, zipper, etc.), but the bottom is more like a bag where Baby's legs are together. Then there's a hole in the bag part to thread the lower seat belt clasp through. So Baby is warm and buckled in the seat, but when it's time to take Baby out, the bunting comes with so she's warm when running into Target, etc. I have seen tham at both Sears and Wal-Mart as recently as a month ago. I personally love the fleece body-suits, which are thin enough that Baby can still be "tight" in the seat belt. (Some people warn that snowsuits are unsafe because in an accident, it can smoosh down and the straps are then not tight enough to keep Baby in the seat.) But the fleece ones are also nice because you can just unzip it and take out the arms, and Baby won't sweat sitting in a grocery cart. (Nothing like having to take a snowsuit on and off every time you get into someplace!)It provides just enough protection for running in and out of places, and then I also keep a double-layered fleece blanket in the car for extra warmth over the car seat when getting into a cold car. The one I have is from Children's Place, and I love it. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with Beth. I had the roundabout as well. Great seat. But, I never tried to find a bunting bag for it either, I would just imagine that it wouldn't be available since bunting bags are usually for traveling in and out of the cold. The Roundabout usually locks into the car and you wouldn't want to have to remove it often like you would with a travel seat.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have a Roundabout (and a Marathon for my older son) and rather than the bunting bag for the baby, I use a fleece all over suit for him. It works great because the feet and hands have little flaps that cover his feet and fingers (rather than mittens or boots) and it isn't too thick for riding in the car. Lands End or Columbia both make nice fleece snow suits with hoods that are great for this age.

SAHM to 12 month old Joey and 2 1/2 Charlie



answers from Minneapolis on

I will also recommend the Marathon! Many friends have wished they got that first instead of Roundabout, saves money in the long run. I have been so happy with mine, my 6 year old had to reluctantly give his up for his baby brother :)
For coats, I have found fleece to be the best in the car.

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