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Camping with 5 Month Old???

R.H. asks from San Francisco

We are going on our annual "family" camping trip this weekend... It will be our first time camping with our 5 month old son. I am excited and hesitant at the same tim...


Carseat for Grandparents

R.M. asks from Dallas

Is there a good quality/reasonably priced car seat out there? We have britax for our car seat and I dont expect grandparents to spend that much if it will only be us...


Britax Convertible Car Seat or Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat?

J.M. asks from San Diego

When deciding on which car seat to buy prior to the birth of twins, is it better to invest in two convertible car seats from the start that they can grow into (and ho...


Travel System and Crib Recommendation for Infants

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

We are not sure whether to go with Graco or Chicco brands for travel system.Chicco seems to be more compact and light weight.Please let me know if you have used any o...


Airplane Trip with 6 Month Old

A.S. asks from Washington DC

I will be flying with my 6 month old soon and would like some advice. I have one of those Graco car seats that detaches from the base. I was going to pack the base in...


Car Seat to Use After Airplane Travel

M.K. asks from New York

I will be traveling with my 5 month old baby in a couple weeks, visiting my family. We will be flying to our destination, but will be using car transportation once w...


Seeking Fun with a 1 Yr Old

A.P. asks from Chicago

My husband, son and I always loved going to the beach and camping. Last summer was a big bummer for our family because we couldn't do much of the stuff we enjoy becau...


Double Stroller vs Snugli Type Carrier

A.T. asks from Colorado Springs

I am due to have my 4th child on July 3rd and am trying to figure out what form of "transportation" I want to use for the mall or park or walks etc. My youngest is g...


Infant Car Seats

S.R. asks from Cincinnati

Please tell me if you absolutely loved your infant car seat, especially if you bought it in the past 2 years. We are expecting twins, so need two, so looking for cos...


Your Favorite Infant Carseat?

C.R. asks from Detroit

My 2004 Graco travel system served me well, but I let go of the infant seat when my second child ourgrew it. I am left with a (Graco?) snap-and-go stroller that I muc...