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Updated on August 10, 2012
S.R. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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Please tell me if you absolutely loved your infant car seat, especially if you bought it in the past 2 years.
We are expecting twins, so need two, so looking for cost effective as well as safe and easy to use.

Ok, let me clarify: We have 2 older children. I had a Graco infant seat for #1, which he loved but I didn't. Safety was fine, ease of use not. My second son hated the same seat his older brother loved, so we moved him to the convertible seat at 6 months.
We've been through the whole travel system/stroller/car seat debate. We are pretty sure the infant car seats and a snap and go frame are the best bets.

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answers from Augusta on

Im expecting twins too!! Im 7 months though they're Boy and Girl. I have the Graco too hopefully the babies will like it.

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answers from Augusta on

I would skip the infant car seat to be cost effective. I would recommend a convertible seat that rear faces to 30/35 pounds, then front faces. Your babies will be able to use the seat until they are ready for a booster. Saves a lot of money vs buying several seats!

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answers from Washington DC on

I frankly loved our Chicco Keyfit 30 so much I gave it to my sister who also loved it. A little bulky, but so easy to get into the car, move between seats, has an option to use only a seatbelt (say if Grandma needs it quickly) and the adjustments were a cinch. Chicco's customer service is great. Their standard on products is that anything orange is a button or lever and so easy to adjust. We have a Chicco high chair, too. You want a one-button release/adjuster on the car seat, IMO. One of my relatives had a Graco that had to be fussed with in the back and I worried that his DD was never snug in the straps. I'd get Chicco again in a heartbeat.

However, I would probably pass on the stroller/travel system. You can get snap and go frames that fit the Chicco that are a lot more portable.

Bear in mind, too, that you can also go straight to a convertible seat if you do not want to invest in both a bucket infant seat and a larger seat for later. Infants can start out RF in most convertible seats as small as 5lbs. For our larger seat, we got the Britax Marathon. She is not 35lbs yet (we have an older model, now they go to 40 RF) so she is still RF. Most infants outgrow the bucket in at least height by 12-18 mo, if not sooner. If your family has big babies, it may be sooner than the 30 lbs allowed by the Keyfit 30. DD has just now hit 31 lbs and has long been in the RF convertible seat due to height.

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answers from Chicago on

I used the Graco Sungride, and we all loved it. It was sturdy, and it never once felt shaky or slippery in the car. My daughter was happy to rest in it and enjoy as well!
A few toys and a small book light to hang in the car-seat helped, along the way.



answers from Atlanta on

My girlfriend has the Chicco version of the Graco Snugride (I don't remember what it's called, sorry), and I honestly liked it better than my Graco. It's a lot heavier, but it also is more heavily padded. I love Gracos, and use the MyRide 65 for both of my kids now that they are old enough to be in Convertible seats, but Chicco is just a nicer infant seat.



answers from Washington DC on

I have also used the Graco snugride for both my boys and I have liked it very much. The straps adjust in the front. Only time you have to mess with the back is if you are moving the shoulder harness to a higher setting which you only have to do like 1 time. I get what folks are saying about going straight to the convertable seats, but for you with twins, I think you would want 2 infant carriers because it will be easier to set the babies down as needed (if you are alone and take baby 1 out of the convertable seat, where do you put him to take out baby 2??) My son is 6 months and almost 20 lbs and he will outgrow his seat soon (mine goes up to 23lbs I believe). Then we will do convertable which is easier now b/c since he is bigger its easier to use umbrella strollers now.

Also - maybe they all do this but I liked that for my grayco snugride I could have 1 infant carrier and just buy extra "bases" for all the cars so we never had to take them out and switch them around. I have one in my van, one in my husbands car and one in my mothers car, so we never have to switch carriers or seats or anything like that.



answers from Victoria on

they use them for such a little amount of time. we bought the cheap ones or were gifted one that went with the stroller as a set.

While were still on the car seat isle (my two and half daughter is the size of a three or four yr old kid). I am adoring the infant seats that eventually convert to the todder seat. Or they go from the seat after infant to the big toddler...even perhaps the booster too. Those run 150-200 and I would invest in something that would be with them over the years.

the thing i truly loved about my car seats were the covers. silly and not really your question but it was great for spit ups and accidents while out you could take the top cover off and the under cover was good to go. it was about 50 for one (sure you could find them second hand or sales) with a canopy (sp??) and they fit on a toddler sized seat.



answers from Chicago on

We used the Britax Chaperone and I really liked it. They are for sale for $170 now on Amazon! Safety is first class with the anti-rebound bar, and the head protection (assuming your vehicle fits the carseats).

Then, rear-facing to at least age 2 in a convertible (but ideally as close to age 4 as you can get) is ideal as they grow. The Diono seats are great for rear-facing 3 and 4-year-old kids. It's best to harness until the child can sit maturely in a booster (usually age 6, sometimes a mature 5-year-old), and booster until they fit the adult belt, generally between 9 and 11.

Have fun with twins!!!



answers from New York on

We had the Chicco KeyFit and absolutely LOVED it. It is a little more on the expensive side; however you do need to weigh your options. Comfort for the baby, quality, daily use, easy use...most importantly safety. Chicco is highly rated.



answers from Cleveland on

id just get the convertable car seats, they are for babies 5lbs-25 or 30 rear facing and up to 45 or 50 front they run 75-100 for moderate ones, then i would go to the graco nutulus 3 in 1 they run 150 and are front facing harness booster, high back booster, and just booster. but we have the graco convertable for my daughter in her grandparents car as she as yet to outgrow it n we got it 2 yrs ago. just get a stroller



answers from Huntsville on

My daughter is 6, so I'm sure infant seats have changed a bit :)

I loved our Graco Snugride carriers. We had the travel system, so we could put it on the stroller or in a shopping cart. However, this won't last the whole first year. So we had to buy another rear-facing seat when she outgrew the carrier.

Recommendations now are to keep your child rear-facing until TWO years old. It is safer. I wish I had known this when My daughter was still 1-2. If I were shopping for an infant car seat now, I would find one that is designed to hold up to 2 years old rear-facing.

ETA: In response to what AV said about Graco seats & adjusting... They did make some where you had to tighten/loosen the harness in the back. BUT I did have one that was adjusted in the front. You definitely do what that, whatever seat you get!

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