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Toddler Sleep Issues After Car Accident.

L.S. asks from Charlotte

About three weeks ago my 2 1/2 -year-old son climbed out of his crib for the first time, so we promptly converted it to a toddler bed. I expected the usual difficulti...


Seeking Advice Concerning Behavior

N.H. asks from San Diego

I have a wonderful little boy who'll be 4 in June who has been having a lot of difficulty with acting out at preschool. His teachers have had to spend a lot of time a...


Daddy and Toddler Tantrums

C.P. asks from San Antonio

Lately it seems that I am dealing with more than my three year olds tantrums. My husband gets just as wound up about her behavior and is so quick to respond by sendi...


Time Out

A.B. asks from Springfield

Is 16 months old to early for time out? How can something so beautiful and little have such a big attitude and temper? Dont get me wrong she is my world, but its tera...


Peanut Allergies.....Sometimes???

C.J. asks from Dallas

Here's the scoop.... My 18 month old broke out into hives, his eyes became swollen and his nose began running profusely after snacking on a small piece of a graham...


Tantrums ??

M.P. asks from Orlando

Moms-I'm desperate for help. My son is 2yrs 3mos old. He is a mild mannered boy but is particular about some things. He and his 5 year old sister have always gotten a...


Carseat Advice

W.E. asks from Little Rock

I am seeking advice on purchasing the next car seat for my one year old to face forward in the car. Since she was born we have used a Chicco infant car seat and now ...


Time Out

M.B. asks from Salt Lake City

My daughter is 22 months. My question is when is a good age to do "time out" and how do I do it. She has begun to throw herself on the floor and scream when I say "n...


Child Hitting Herself

J.P. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 17 months old and for the past couple weeks when she is told no or becomes furstrated she hits herself in the head. I'm becoming very upset when she d...


6 Mo Old Fussy All the time...........please Help!

J.T. asks from Charlotte

I have a three year old daughter and a six mo old daughter. My 6 mo old, Kate, is fussy most of the time. It doesn't matter that all her needs are met. She is fussy m...