Testing Limits: Teddy Bears

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Help with 16 Month Old Hitting Mom When Getting Disciplined

C.G. asks from Scranton

Hello Everyone, This is my first post and people always get such wonderful advice I thought I might try to get some advice too. My 16 month old son has started t...


Child Being Fickle

M.T. asks from Jackson

I have a three year old daughter, and she has started this thing where whe says "mommy, I'm hungry", and it will be an appropriate time to eat... Like for instance th...


18 Mo and Not Eating

J.A. asks from Washington DC

Hello everyone! I am desperate for some advice or other opinions. I was inspired to write in from reading the request and responses to Chantel's question. My daugh...


5-Yr-old Back Talk and Hitting

B.L. asks from Chicago

My (usually well-behaved) 5-yr-old daughter has become very sassy with me (SAHM) in recent months. When I request her to do something, she often has a response, a neg...


Activites with Goals

L.M. asks from Chicago

TIA for reading my lengthy post!! :) So my husband and I believe that the kids should be in an activity that teaches them to set a goal for themselves and work to ...


Woud You Take Your Child Back If This Happened?????/

D.W. asks from Dallas

I recently decided to enroll my daughter into Mothers Day Out for social interaction as well as personal time for myself! When I picked her up on Thursday she was ac...