Teaching Good Hygiene: Infant

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Suggestions for Helping 5 Year Old with Hygiene Issues

J.A. asks from Boston

I am looking for suggestions to help me teach my 5 year old daughter good hygiene skills. She seems to have trouble with wiping herself although she is at the age wh...


Teachers NOT Following Good Hygiene "Rules"/Swine Flu

C.S. asks from Chicago

Maybe I am one of those paranoid mothers . . .but my son seems to catch everything that goes around at school. All this swine flu news is upsetting and finding out t...


Help with Hygiene

L.G. asks from San Francisco

I am at my wit's end about my son's lack of hygiene. Background: he had very severe constipation as an infant and toddler and had a very difficult time toilet traini...


Hygiene for Preschoolers

A.M. asks from San Francisco

I have a athletic 5 year old boy and now he is starting to get musty after playing hard. Is it ok to start him on a mild deodorant


10-Year-old Son Has Lousy Personal Hygiene Habits

S.R. asks from New York

My husband and I are absolutely at the end of our tether with our 10-year-old son! He has always been a very fastidious child, likes to be clean, doesn't mind taking...


HELP........In Desperate Need Hygiene Advice for 11 Yr Old Daughter

D.W. asks from St. Louis

All.....My daughter is 11 going on 20, and I am having the hardest time with getting her to be conscious of her hygiene. She HATES taking a bath, and often will run ...


Infant Formula

K.C. asks from Washington DC

What is the best infant formula for a newborn baby?


Infant Carrier for a Newborn

K.S. asks from New York

Any suggestions on infant carriers for a newborn. My 2nd is due in June and my little girl will be 2 years old when baby # 2 arrives. I really need something good as...


That Baby Smell

N.D. asks from Portland

my sister left some diapers at my house and now it smells like baby. that got me thinking that maybe the baby smell has more to do with what we are putting on our ba...


9 Y/o Daughter with Bad Hygiene habits...help!

J.P. asks from Rochester

My daughter turned 9 in December and I have a VERY hard time getting her to take care of herself. I'm at my wits end as to what to do. She was diagnosed with adhd alm...