Teaching Good Hygiene: Teen

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Full of Excuses 15 Year Old

H.W. asks from Des Moines

I have a 15 yo step daugher who live with me and her dad primarily; she sees her mom twice per week and every ohter weekend. Gets along fine with her mom, not a big ...


Helping Teen with Beauty and Hygiene

J.G. asks from Columbus

I currently work with teenagers at my church. One teen in particular is a precious girl, who does wonderfully academically, and is just a great kid in general. Howev...


I Have a New 15 Year Old Foster Son in My Care Who Can't Wake up in the Morning

R.R. asks from New York

I just had a 15 year old sweet boy placed in my care who can not wake up in the morning. He sets the alarm clock, it goes off for 40 minutes, wakes up everyone in th...


Advice on 15 Year Old

K.W. asks from Oklahoma City

I have recently found out my 15 y/o has gone behind my back to date a 17 y/o. When she first talked about him, I put my foot down and said she was not allowed to dat...


Poor Personal Hygiene

B.M. asks from Portland

I refuse to believe this is normal behavior. I have an almost 15 yo daughter that won't shower unless forced. We can get her to if we have something to hold over he...


16 Year Old Daughter Issues

L.D. asks from Cumberland

my 16 year old daughter does not practice good hygiene, has very few friends, and does not like to socialize. Prefers to sit in room and draw pictures of cats most o...


Tween/Teen Hygiene Question

C.O. asks from Washington DC

As Greg is preparing for Middle School...urgh time flies!!! He will need to have a "gym bag" for toiletries. I've not seen their lockers in the gym so I don't know ho...


10-Year-old Son Has Lousy Personal Hygiene Habits

S.R. asks from New York

My husband and I are absolutely at the end of our tether with our 10-year-old son! He has always been a very fastidious child, likes to be clean, doesn't mind taking...


What Do You Think of a 16 Year Old Moving Out and Buy Her Bodyguards to Act as P

K.H. asks from Albany

What do you think of a 16 year old moving out and buy her bodyguards to act as her parents? Here's the situation. My friend and her daughter don't get along. It is...


Teen Hygiene--is This Normal?

T.L. asks from Detroit

I hope this is just a phase. Is it normal for teens to go days without showering? Is it normal for teens to wear the same clothes for days without washing those clo...