Swimming: Squirt Guns

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Swimming in a Pool While Having a Sinus Infection/fever/taking Antibiotics

Y.D. asks from Chicago

Hello moms, I'm having my son't birthday party tomorrow and we were planning on having the kids play in the swimming pool. My almost 3 year old has a sinus infection...


Need Ideas for Party Favors

J.S. asks from Santa Fe

My son is turning 3 in a few weeks (!!!) and we're having his birthday party at the swimming pool with all his little friends. We want to have little gifts for his f...


Curious - Toy Guns in Your Home

J.G. asks from San Antonio

Whether you're pro-gun or anti-gun in your home ..... what about squirt guns and bubble guns and cap guns? I am curious if the anti-gun mamas out there allow or do ...


Having Friends over - Would You Want to Be Asked first...horses, Pond

M.S. asks from Columbus

My kids are ages 11,9 and 8. (also have a 1 year old, but she doesn't ride horses, yet :) Whenever the kids have friends over, I always ask the parent if it's ok bef...


Learning to Swim

K.C. asks from St. Louis

My 4 year old son is just learning to swim. Any ideas and/or suggestions on keeping him safe while allowing some independence (he likes to do everything "himself"). ...


Do You Let Your Kids Play with Toy Guns?

T.W. asks from Syracuse

I'm just curious, because I have two boys ages 2 and 4, and I have so far completely avoided buying them any kind of toy gun. The only time they've ever played with ...


"Sprinkler Party" Ideas

S.P. asks from Salt Lake City

We have a Sprinkler party every year for my daughter and her friends (on our 3rd year). We moved into a new house and last year we experienced some flooding of our y...


Backyard Games for Bday Party for 3 and 5 Year Old

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

I'm doing a joint bday cookout for my girls in a couple weeks. We are keeping it low key and I want to do "old school" backyard games. The kids will basically range...


Seeking Icheap Party Favor Ideas for 2 Year Old Party - Cupcake Theme - Not Junk

E.H. asks from Dallas

I am throwing my two-year old a cupcake-themed party at the park and am looking for good party favor ideas. I know most the time party favor bags end up in the trash...


How Do You Celebrate the End of Summer?

J.C. asks from Roanoke

The kids are about to go back to school and we have only a few days of summer me left. Do you have any traditions to make the last days of summer special?