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Curious - Toy Guns in Your Home

Whether you're pro-gun or anti-gun in your home ..... what about squirt guns and bubble guns and cap guns? I am curious if the anti-gun mamas out there allow or do not allow their children to aim a squirt gun at others and say bang bang. I have heard of some moms that no not allow any type of gun (even imaginary - made out of your fingers) to be pointed at anyone - do these moms allow squirt guns or bubble guns? Those of you who are pro-gun with a real gun in your home - do you allow your chlid to play with pretend guns? Do your kids...

Stages & Milestones

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Kindergartener with Learning delays/Growth Hormone Resistant

My daughter is a sweet and loving child that has always been delayed in meeting all milestones i.e. walked at 18 months, delayed in speech, fine and gross motor skills. As an infant and toddler she had a lot of health issues - PDA heart murmur (closed when she was 3 yrs old, numerous ear infections (three sets of tubs and adenoids reomoved). She is still very petite 36lbs and 41 inches tall (3rd percentile on growth chart). We've recently discovered she is growth hormone resistant. This basically means her pituitary is functioning...