Swimming in a Pool While Having a Sinus Infection/fever/taking Antibiotics

Updated on June 28, 2009
Y.D. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello moms,
I'm having my son't birthday party tomorrow and we were planning on having the kids play in the swimming pool. My almost 3 year old has a sinus infection/fever and is on Amoxicillin. Would you let her go swimming, or just put the pool away so she doesn't cry when seing the other kids play in the pool?

Thank you
It seems that a lot of people here are very quick to jump to conclusions in every request and quick to criticize without knowing the full story..... Just a FYI, I asked the doctor and she said this is not contagious, I asked because I was concerned about my 2 week old, as well as the other children coming to the party.
She said this was not in any way contagious, it is allergy related, so the other kids won't get sick. Her fever is down but still has to finish the antibiotic to get rid of the sinus infection, which is why I was questioning the swimming.
It's not that easy just to cancel the party, I've already bought all the food and can't let it go to waste, and then to have to buy all the food again.....
I went ahead and took the water out and will just let the kids play with squir guns.


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SHe shouldn't be around the other kids at all if she's sick. I would warn everyone that shes sick before they bring their kids. Wow.

ANd no, she should not swim. She should not be around other kids right now at all. Sorry, but I would reschedule the party if I were you.

I don't think anyone here meant to be snotty-- in fact I edited my comment before posting it so it would be as gentle as possible. I think a lot of us are in shock that someone would have a sick kiddo at a party at all. I think the anger is because it's happened to all of us-- running in to the family with the sick kid at the store or at playgroup or, at a party. And I think we all would appreciate a heads up when that kind of encounter is going to happen. Sick kids shouldn't go to parties. Or playgroups. Or school. The rest of us would appreciate it. It's not fair to expose other kids, and yes, a sinus infection IS contagious if any of her secretions (airborne or direct contact) came in contact with another child. It's just common courtesy... that's all.

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It's not a good idea to let her swim while she has a fever and for at least 24 hours after.
And your doctor saying she is not contagious isnt really true. He/she obviously has concerns of her having an infection if she is on an antibiotic. Infections are contagious, bacterial or viral (I am sure you know the antibiotic won't due any good if it's viral).
Runny noses can last for weeks, but if she is done with her antibiotic, no fever and no color to the discharge then proabably ok.
Hope this helps and BTW I am a pharmacist. Enjoy the summer. I know your concerns about the baby...it's horrible when they get sick.
Maybe have some sprinkler fun in the backyard?

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No, she should not swim with other children when she is sick.

No, she should not be exposed to other children when she is sick; even schools want your child to stay away from other children for twenty-four hours if they have a fever.

Yes, kids catch things from other children. However, if I went to your home, with my children, and your child still had a fever and really looked ill and you did not give me a "heads up" in advance, I would not think you were acting in a thoughtful manner. (It's the nicest way I could phrase that!)

EDIT: No, we are not quick to jump to "conclusions". With the information that you gave us, you are quick to be defensive. I agree with your previous post that I, too, have been that person that has had "sick children" brought to my home, without warning, and it is rude. And.. like your "pharmacist" post... if your own dr. is calling it a "sinus infection with a fever", regardless of whether you think it's allergy related, it is still contagious.

I've been that parent who has had to cancel a party - I've done it twice. Running through sprinklers is a better solution if your daughter was not very obviously ill. No, it's not convenient to cancel a party - it's just mannerly. We, MOMS, have all had parties and know that the preparation is timely and, at times, costly. It's sad to do.

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I'm glad it's all working out today for you. I also agree about the snotty judgmental comments on here. Elizabeeth R's extra "wow" at the end of her sentence is a good example. All I can say to that is -- well -- wow. Seems like all the superior people just want to get that extra little dig in there, just in case you didn't realize they were superior.
It's a beautiful day for a party. I hope it all goes well and everybody has fun and that your little one is better soon!

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I wouldn't let your daughter in..just not a good idea. I also wouldn't prevent the other kids from going in either tho. You could get squirt guns or "little kid" toys, like those punching balloons or bubbles that your daughter can play with. I think she's old enough to understand that she's "sick" and the dr said the pool is out for today.

If she's really a handful than she can either play inside or sit with you while the "big kids" get to use the pool.

Just my thoughts.


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