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Soy Formula?

S.W. asks from Lawrence

I am a mother of 3 wonderful children. I have been a licensed child care provider for eight years. All of my children breastfeed and them went to regular milk. I have...


Soy Formula

J.B. asks from Bismarck

I have a 4 month old daughter on Similac soy formula. She still spits up like crazy which isn't a huge issue because she's gaining well, it's just a nuisance. I'm t...


Is Enfamil Gentlease a Soy Formula?

K.H. asks from Des Moines

We switched my daughter to Gentlease due to her having a lot of problems with gas (despite vented bottles and gas drops in each bottle of formula). It seems to be he...


Soy Milk....

A.D. asks from Louisville

My son will be 11 mths on Christmas and he is currently in soy formula. We have been slowly introducing regular cow's milk and it still seems as though he isn't toler...



I.K. asks from New York

My son is eight month. I want to swich from breastmilk to formula because he dosent take the breast. I have to exclusively pump. Which formula is best. I tried enfami...



H.J. asks from Dallas

I'm a SAHM and I usually BF my daughter. Sometimes I need to feed her formula when I haven't pumped and we are out in public. Up until recently we never bought formu...



G.G. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know how can I get formula coupons/checks (similac/gerber)? I have signed up at Similac/Gerber websites but haven't gotten anything. Thanks for your ...



S.C. asks from San Francisco

I have been feeding my son breast milk in a bottle since he was born he is now 6 months old, I would like to switch him to formula. I have tried several kinds of Sim...



R.M. asks from Dallas

Hie ladies, l need your help once again. I am weaning off my 10 mth old who had been exclusively breast fed til now. She will not take any baby food and has refused f...



S.A. asks from Sacramento

My son had his 9 month old checkup yesterday and the DR recommended we start him on formula right away. James has been exclusively breastfed all his life, then starte...