Bottle & Breastfeeding: Gerber

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I am planning on exclusively bottle feeding my baby. I am interested in the best bottles and types of nipples best for bottle feeding. I used the Playt...



I am having a hard time figuring out which bottles and pacifiers I want to use t...


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Breast Feeding

does breast pump hurt...? my friend told me it hurts alot... and is breast feeding painful too..??? what shall i do incase it hurts..?? first ti...


Trouble Breast Feeding

my guy is 8 mths old and about 5 days ago my nipples started to hurt real bad wh...

Breastfeeding Alternatives

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Son Is Allegic to Milk

My 32 month old is allergic to milk. Do any of you have children allergic to milk? If so, any snack, meal and recipes you would like to exchange?...


Milk Storage Bags

Does anyone know of any breast milk storage bags (for freezer) that can also ser...

Eating Habits & Schedule

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Schedule for Breastfeeding?

EDIT AFTER READING SOME RESPONSES: My baby WILL NOT take a bottle/sippy cup/etc. Absolutely WILL NOT. I have tried - believe me. Also - he was...


Pumping Schedule?

My daughter was two weeks late and now I am due back to work sooner than I would...


Bottle Feeding

I have been nursing my son since birth. I have been struggling with bottle feed...

Feeding Problems

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Feeding Problems

I have been having problems feeding my 3 month old. About 2 weeks ago she started getting so much gas durring feeding(formula...tried to breast feed bu...


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Something that I have been wondering about... I have seen a few instances on different questions where mothers will advise against using Gerber brand b...



My son is eight month. I want to swich from breastmilk to formula because he dos...


Kirkland Brand Formula

Do any moms out there use the Kirkland brand Formula- Like/don't Like? I've com...