Sleep Lady Shuffle

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Sleep Lady Shuffle

J.G. asks from Chicago

Last night was "night 1" of the sleep lady shuffle for us. It was a traumatic experience at first. Our 6 month old daughter cried for ONE HOUR and FORTY MINUTES. (She...


Sleep Training with the " Sleep Lady" Book?

S.M. asks from Tampa

My husband and I just started using the "Sleep Lady" book a few days ago with our 9.5 month old baby boy. Are there fellow moms out there who have tried it too? I w...


Sleep Help

C.H. asks from Jacksonville

My son is 7 months old and I am having trouble getting him to go to sleep without a bottle. Sometimes I try to let him cry himself to sleep but I feel like it goes o...


Baby Doesn't Sleep

R.S. asks from Des Moines

My 8-month-old daughter is still a terrible night sleeper. Besides her bottle every 4-5 hours (I can deal with that), she wakes up several times each night, sometimes...


Sleep Deprived

A.G. asks from Anchorage

My 7 month old baby boy and I are having a hard time when it comes to sleeping. My husband is away and it has been easier to put my son to bed with me at the same tim...


Sleep Advice

C.T. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 18month that is still not sleeping through the night and we are expecting another one very soon. I feel we've tried everything. A month ago we took his pacif...



S.B. asks from Columbus

I can't get my son to fall asleep on his own. Ever since he has started to pull himself up on everything, as soon as I lay him down all he wants to do is climb up the...


Seriously Will NOT Sleep!!!

A.F. asks from New York

I need help. Plain and simple. My 5.5 month old will NOT sleep. I mean seriously. He sleeps a total of 1 hour during the day and on a good night 6-7 hours. I know t...


Sleep Training -- Baby Won't Lie down but Falls Asleep Sitting up -- Help?

O.B. asks from Provo

We did our first night of the Sleep Lady Shuffle last night and it was agonizing. I appreciate all of the comments I've read on that it gets better. That's a big re...


Need Help with Sleep Issues

B.G. asks from Washington DC

My 6 month old daughter has trouble staying asleep once she goes down for the night. We are in the habit of rocking or swaying her to sleep (this is the only way to ...