Plantar Fasciitis: Infant

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How to Get Rid of a Heel Spur

M.T. asks from Austin

I have now had a heel spur for quite some time and it HURTS. Especially when I have been sitting or lying down for a while then go to get up. It will hurt all the way...


Plantar Fascitis Help!

K.D. asks from Chicago

I really need help with anyone who's ever had plantar fascitis. I've been battling this for almost a year now and some times feel crippled with the pain. I've tried...


Heel Pain

M.S. asks from Bloomington

hi moms... every time i step on my heel it feels like i'm stepping on a little pebble or something. there is a blister-like callous there... i'm wondering what i shou...


Plantar Fascitis

J.M. asks from Boston

Anyone have this terrible pain on the bottom of feet esp when wake up? What helped it? thx


Pain in My Foot

R.D. asks from Boston

Hello, I am at 33 weeks with twins. Lately I have either a sharp, immobilizing pain in my right heel or it is numb. Does anyone have any experience with this? ...


How to prevent foot pain

M.M. asks from Detroit

Has anyone ever had pain at the bottom of your foot? My right foot hurts right by the heel close to the arch of the foot. It hurts when I walk, as well as when I am...


Foot Pain

M.R. asks from San Francisco

About 5 or 6 days ago, I notice a pain in the arch of my foot while walking. Since then, the pain has not gone away. The arch of my foot (reaaly) hurts when touched (...


Foot Pain -- Anyone Else?

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I'm 44 years old and for about 2 years I have been having a lot of discomfort in my feet. When I get up in the morning it hurts to even walk across the floor. Then i...


Rheumatoid Arthritis/Plantar Fasciitis - Sorry, It's Long.

A.G. asks from Chicago

I began having pain in my pointer and middle fingers of my right hand during the last month or two of my pregnancy with my 3rd child (around Feb/Mar this year). I tho...


Bad Hip Pain

T.Y. asks from San Angelo

Hey mamas! I am 23 weeks pregnant and i have been having really bad pain in my left hip joint. This is not the pelvis pain in my buttocks or back pain, it is actually...