Plantar Fasciitis: Preschooler

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Pain in Heel of Foot

A.R. asks from Miami

Hi I have had pain in my foot when ever I walk for 5 days. I work all night I am a cashier and all i do is walk at work and i have a 4 year old at home all day so i ...


3 Year Old Crying Before Daycare

A.C. asks from Memphis

Hi everyone....need some help. My daughter is 3 and has been going to the same daycare since she was 6 weeks old. Every morning for the past week she has cried from...


Daughters Foot Pain

T.B. asks from Houston

First, I just want to say--how much I appreciate all the moms that take the time to read the posts and respond to each others cares and concerns. The MOM's on this s...


3 Year Old and Sudden Knee Pain

T.K. asks from Washington DC

Last night, my 3 and a half year old son suddenly started screaming and crying that his knees hurt him. We looked at his skin and there was nothing going on, no bruis...


4Yr Old with Feet and Leg Pain

C.S. asks from Dallas

I read a request awhile back from a mom whose child was having feet pain and I can't find it so I'll ask again. My son is 4 yrs old. He's been complaining of feet p...


Toddler Frequently Complains of Foot Pain

L.C. asks from Boston

Not sure what is going on with my 30 month old son - in the past month he has been complaining with his limited vocabulary that his foot hurts, or as he says "Toe hur...


Son with Pain Behind Knees Every Morning

T.H. asks from Odessa

My son is 5 yrs old. For at least a year now he wakes up every morning with leg pains. They are mostly behind the knee area. I have taken him to the doctor and they s...


How Do You Know When Baby Is Having Gas Pain and Needs Help?

W.A. asks from Honolulu

I just took my 10 week old in for a check up 2 days ago and he passed with f;ying colors and was perfectly healthy. Yet yesterday and today I notice about and hour to...


Cracked Heels

G.G. asks from Chicago

Looking for some cracked heel relief! Can anyone suggest a cream for cracked heel releif? Has anyone tried Avon or School products? Thanks G.


2 Yr Old Suddenly Can't Walk

T.B. asks from Chicago

Help! I have an almost 3 year old who woke up this morning saying her heel hurt. I said ok and put her down and she immediately hit the floor. I thought maybe she ...