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Updated on December 18, 2009
C.A. asks from Dallas, GA
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I have a question to anyone out there that has gone through what I would like to say pure hell for the past week. Back in October I went for my yearly pap smear as I normally do every single year and nothing ever comes back. Well this time it did-they called me back and stated that my pap smear came back as abnormal and that my ob wanted to do a "colposcopy" on me. So I scheduled the appointment and went and that is when my doctor came in and explained to me that my pap came back as abnormal but that I also tested positive for HPV-(which one they don't know) and that was about the only reason he opted to bring me back in for a colpo.
So he does the procedure and he finds something so he clips it and sends it off for biopsy. They tell me to wait a week because that is how long it will take them to get the results back. First of all I had been tested for STD's about 4-5 years ago and nothing ever came back-I understand and realize with HPV that it can lay dormant for quite some time though and is very very common. I feel tainted and I am currently a smoker and on birth control and 33 years old-I am in the process of quitting because I read that when you have HPV that it increases your chances of cervical cancer if you smoke too. I wasn't sure if I was done having babies but it appears that I might be forceed into that decision but then again I don't know. I have worried about this all week long and I know no matter what happens that God is in control of the situation but I'm only human and I am scared, anxious, nervous and just down right stressed out and trying to quit smoking when all of that is going on is very difficult. I wish the test results would just hurry up and come in.

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So What Happened?

After I posted this I got the call and I have mild dyplasia (pre-cancerous cells) on my cervix and they are going to do a L.E.E.P. procedure. I'm not quite sure what will happen after that point and I don't even know when this procedure will be done yet because I have not heard back from the girl that schedules the surgery. From what I have heard as well that there is cramping after the LEEP procedure but I am not quite sure what type of cramping they are referring to -like is it similiar to menstrual cramping or is it more along the lines of labor contractions cramping. Anyway praise god it's NOT cancer and praise god they can do something for it BEFORE it does turn into something bad for me. Thanks for all your kind responses and look forward to hearing some more responses as well!

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answers from Spartanburg on

First, I'm sorry you had to go through all of this. I know the waiting is horrible, but hang in there. I hope this reassures you a little bit: I, too, had an abnormal pap and a colposcopy several years ago, and everything turned out fine. The Dr. then told me that the vast majority of these do turn out fine and, in fact, clear up and go away on their own. In any case, that was probably 8 years ago. I've never had an abnormal pap since then, and in the meantime I've had two lovely children with no issues or complications whatsoever. So while a perfect outcome isn't guaranteed, it's the most likely thing, and I hope that your situation goes as well as mine did, because it probably will. Good luck and take care!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi, CA!
You must stop worrying! As you said, God is in control; AND there is nothing to this. I have been through it now for a third time. I just went yesterday for a colposcopy! This was my third one, but I've only had to do two LEP procedures so far. My second one was in '06; and I just delivered a baby in August of this year. The LEP procedure CAN (not always) impact fertility. Matter of fact, the doc said yesterday that another one of his patients has had three LEPs done and she did just fine with her pregancy. If you end up having to do a LEP, they put you to sleep nowadays. So, there's really no worries. Medical science has come such a long way; all this really is, is a precautionary thing. They're trying to stop it before it turns into something uncontrollable. The HPV is really rampant now and lots and lots of women have it, but some don't realize it. Just be thankful that you are able to go to the doctor and find out about it and treat it before it gets worse. There's really nothing to it. So stop sweating it, and concentrate on the blessings in your life!!
Good luck and God bless! Merry Christmas!



answers from Savannah on

Please don't stress!! When I was in my very early 20's I went in for my yearly and it came back abnormal. DR had me come back 2 more times because they kept coming back abnormal. (HPV wasn't known back then either). So he had me come in and he used vinegar up there and looked around with a light. He said anything that was cancerous would turn white from the vinegar. Nothing stood out to him when he did that so he had me come back in 3 months for another pap. It came back normal. Then I had to go back every 3 months till I had 2 more in a row come back normal. My Dr thinks that the lab was reading too deep into my test and that's why they kept coming back. He also said that everyone has a certain amount of abnormal cells in a pap, it's when there is a larger amount than allowed is when to have concern. But that's not to say that I wasn't scared out of my mind!! I didn't have kids at the time and the man I was with had a hard time keeping it in his pants!! So I had every bad thought racing through my head!!

Try to relax, it will all be fine.



answers from Atlanta on

I have been through this myself. Mine started 5 years ago with an abnormal pap. Then came the HPV, and all the paps and the colpo, and the biopsy. Please don't stress about this......I did. I have had all of what you have described done. My biopsy came back pre-cancerous. I can't remember exactly what they did about that. I believe they did what is called a LEEP procedure. But, I never had any major surgeries for it. For the past five years, I have had a pap every 3-6 months, until they came back normal 3 times in a row. I finally was going to get released to come back for a pap once a year like a normal person, except that my final pap came back abnormal. If your doctor is on his game, and it sounds like he is, then this is nothing for you to be stressed out about. Don't misunderstand me to say to not do anything about it, but follow your doctors wishes, and get all of the procedures that he recommends. But, do your own research on them as well. I think after the leep procedure that my paps started to come back normal. And, I almost backed out of it. In fact, come to think of it I had it done two times! Please, follow his wishes. One thing to consider, my doctor was considering doing the Gardasil vaccine for me to see if it would help....Please read the insert on the package before you do it. It is very eye opening about what you are considering putting in your body! I chose not to do it, but that was a personal decision. Please email me if you have specific questions. I am happy to share my experiences and thoughts, but it's hard to just put it all out here! PS. I am a smoker myself, but am not on BC.



answers from Athens on

RELAX! It's really not that bad. I was diagnosed with HPV about 12 years ago. Nothing ever came of it and I have had normal paps for the last few years. I have also had two children during this time with no problem. I have also been married for over 12 years now. It's all going to be fine.



answers from Macon on

OH please do not let this deter you from having more children..I too have HPV and have known now since I was 32.( I am now 48)..which is odd..because I married at 18 and have been happily married now for 30 years...I have also had biopsies,but just twice in the last 16 years..both came back fine...I had a baby girl 6 years ago.I would recommend that you never skip a pap smear,and definitely quit smoking since it does up your odds.Good luck!

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