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Tampa Oncologist - Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

H.D. asks from Tampa

I am a 39 year old mother of two (6 & 3yrs) and I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. After the initial shock, I am left looking for a good oncologist. Dr. Georg...


MIL Going to See Oncologist--does This Sound like Cancer?

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, My lovely MIL has had a persistent cough now for the past year and a half. She takes good care of her health (she's 73), but was a smoker in her younger ...


Anyone Know of a Gyn Oncologist in the Lee's Summit Area?

S.A. asks from Kansas City

I am looking for a GYN-ONCOLOGIST that will perform surgery at Lee's Summit medical center. Does anyone know of one? Thank you for all your responses, I too, ha...


Dealing with Melanoma and My 20yr.old Daughter

K.E. asks from Dallas

Our family received the news yesterday that our daughter has melanoma. She is going in next week to have the mole area removed and then we are to go to an oncologist...


Has Anyone Out There Experience Cervical Cancer

A.L. asks from Chicago

I just found out that I have cervical cancer. I see my oncologist on the 29th and I guess he'll tell me what I have to do or if there is further testing, I don't kno...


Doctor Recommending Biopsy for Swollen Lymph Node in Son's Groin

A.R. asks from Washington DC

About a week after my son had his 1 year immunizations, he formed a reaction at the site of injection on his thigh. The lymph node in his groin also enlarged to about...


Bone Marrow Testing

L.N. asks from New York

any ideas if this should be done in a hospital. i have one coming up in next couple of weeks but my oncologist suggested he does it in his office using local anesthes...


Cancer Question - Chemo or No?

C.O. asks from Washington DC

Okay this is an update to my friend's mom who is a "drama queen"...if you read the previous post - my girlfriend's mom is 72 years old and full of drama..she had a cy...


Pregnancy After Chemotherapy

H.T. asks from Hartford

I was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma last June, I underwent surgery to remove one ovary and chemotherapy. I finished my treatment in November. Previous to getti...


My Worst Fear Is Coming True

H.T. asks from Hartford

Hi, I am just about 11 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma last June and finished my chemotherapy in November. I just found out that my lymphom...