Occasional & Drop-in Care

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Need Back-up Day Care

M. asks from Dallas

I am a clueless first mom who is 7 months pregnant and I have a good friend who will be taking care of my baby during the day. However, I'm looking for a back-up loc...


Babysitter on as Needed Basis

L.B. asks from Kansas City

My husband and I are looking for someone to watch one or all three of our children occassionally. Mainly needed for errands, date nights, or doing activities with the...


Advice on Current Babysitter

S.H. asks from St. Louis

Ok so this might sound a little weird. We found our babysitter on Craigslist. She is great with our daughter, epsecially that its her first. I didn't do a backgrou...


Seeking Babysitter with Flexible Daytime Hours

M.M. asks from Charlotte

does anybody know of a babysitter that is available during the week days? i work second shift, only a few days a week, and need someone from about 1:30pm-5:30pm when ...


Babysitter - Time off Out of Her Control

M.D. asks from Washington DC

My sitter is amazing. She took my kids back after we left for a nanny who ended up pushing my 4 year old. We love her to death. However, she has taken a lot of time ...


How Do You Go About Finding a Reliable Trustowrthy Babysitter??????

M.K. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are in need of a night out, but with netiher one of us being from this area, we don't have anyone to watch the kids. I want to hire a babysitter so ...


Childcare Tax Deduction

P.N. asks from Denver

I'm a stay-at-home Mom who occasionally does contract work for my old employer. I have a wonderful neighbor two houses away who watches my 20-month old when I have w...


Seeking Childcare 2 Days a Week

J.L. asks from Tampa

Does anyone know of a daycare center that offers drop-in rates, or an in-home daycare or babysitter? I am really flexible about the type of care, but we need someone...


Looking for "Relief Care" in Irving (Las Colinas)

P.O. asks from Dallas

Hello, I have a 15 week old baby girl who currently stays with my mom during the day (I recently returned to work). I'm looking for an option to relieve my mom on...


What Is the Going Rate per Hour for Paying a Babysitter Who Watches 3 Children?

K.P. asks from Canton

Hi Moms, I have an 18 year old daughter who has been asked to care for a family's three children ages 12, 9 and 6. She will stay with them on occasional evenings ...