Where to Look for a Babysitter

Updated on December 30, 2013
K.H. asks from Garland, TX
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A friend of mine is looking for a babysitter for her two young boys (2 yrs & 3 1/2 mo). Where is a good place/website to look? She is a server, so doesn't have "traditional" hours. I suggested to her a drop-in care center, but she said she can't afford the regular rate and they aren't open on Sundays. I also suggested looking on care.com, but she mentioned they won't help her b/c she has a dwi on her record.

Any suggestions would be great!!

P.S. The oldest boy's father helps out some and the youngest boy's father passed away earlier this year.

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answers from Springfield on

Does she belong to a church? Most churches have a list of high school students that babysit - the students on the list are usually involved in the church and/or someone that is known by members of the church.

My SIL found a great sitter by posting at the local university.

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answers from San Francisco on

I found a great sitter by posting at a local college. I didn't even have to go in, I just called the school's career/job center and told them what I was looking for. I had several calls from interested students and a few interviews and ended up with an awesome girl who was with our family for close to two years.

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answers from New London on

I got a great babysitter's name from a preschool teacher.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Try the local high school.



answers from Kansas City on

There is a web site called Day Care Bear, she might find some providers there.




answers from McAllen on

We used a local domestic care company that vetted and hired people for all kinds of domestic care.


answers from Norfolk on

Try sittercity.com




answers from Chicago on

I work they sitter city. Not sure why her having a dwi should matter when looking for a sitter.

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