Natural & Homemade Cleaners: Toddler

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Seeking Ideas for Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

R.M. asks from Dallas

I have recently become aware of the toxic nature of most household cleaning products and their particular negative effect on the developing systems of infants and chi...


Seeking Recommendations for Non-toxic Cleaners for Wood Floors & Stone Counters

K.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all: I'm preparing our home for the arrival of our baby girl and am seeking recommendations on non-toxic cleaners for wood floors and stone kitchen counters. S...


Looking Fo Non Toxic Cleaner

T.B. asks from Jacksonville

I use all non toxic cleaners in my home. My 5 yr. old daughter has allergies so I do my best to control what she breaths in. Since we all know that school is a breedi...


Homemade Natural Disinfectant

M.P. asks from Denver

In an effort to save some money, and keep toxins out of our home, I have been searching for a natural disinfectant cleaner for our bathrooms and kitchen, that I could...


Wasp's Nest--seeking Non-toxic, Non-treacherous Solutions!

L. asks from Mobile

Hey all, My daughter found the beginnings of a wasp's nest in her playhouse. I don't want to spray in there, and I'm thinking I'll just have to whack it (with a b...


A Good Disinfectant for Toys

B.M. asks from Detroit

Hello All you wonderful moms!! I was wondering if anyone uses or knows of a disinfectant that is effective, but gentle to use on toys. I have tried the Lysol disinf...


Organic / Natural Carpet Cleaner?

B.G. asks from Houston

I'm in the process of trying to make a switch to all organic / natural / nontoxic cleaning products for my home. Our home contains a preschooler, an infant and 2 kitt...


Looking for Natural House Cleaners

A.C. asks from Dallas

I am looking for great natural house cleaers that are non-toxic and safe for little ones. Any suggestions? :)


Vinegar as a Cleaner

A.C. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know just how well vinegar gets things SANITARY? I really want to try making my own cleaners and have found numerous sources that explain how to use vi...


What Cleaners to Buy?

T.S. asks from Los Angeles

I was told that all of my cleaning products were toxic &I needed to purchase Non-Toxic cleaners for my home, as I am 5 months pregnant. Does anyone know exactly what ...