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Choosing Extracurricular Activities for Your Child

J.J. asks from Dallas

hi there, my son's four. awhile back i read a mama on here had signed her little boy up for karate and loved the benefits of it and was so proud of him. so way befor...


Musical Instruments

L.C. asks from Allentown

My 4.5 year old daughter loves music as do most kids this age...We'd like her to get lessons to learn an instrument but not sure where to start...what would be a good ...


Trouble in Kindergarden

C.B. asks from Longview

My 6 year has just started acting out in class. He is very, very bright and knows what he is doing. He goes to bed about 7:30-8 and gets up at 6:30. I know he is not ...


Daughter Forgets Her Instrument.

C.F. asks from Glens Falls

Help! I am not sure what to do. My daughter has forgotten her instrument or schoolwork on several occasions this past year, and I always have run to bring her whatev...


High School Athletics

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, My 15 year old daughter is having a hard time in high school with this issue of high school athletics and I need to know if I'm right in my advice to her. ...


6 Year Old Wants to Quit Ice Skating

M.T. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 year old is halfway through a session of 10 ice skating lessons and already wants to quit. She says the classes are too long, it's boring (it does tend to be the...


Learning Piano as an Adult :)

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

We are proud owners of my Grandma's piano. It was bought new in the 1970's, and was never played much. We moved it to our home in June (now that my 91 year old Grand...


Are There Any Jobs for 13 Year Olds?

M.L. asks from San Francisco

My son who is turning 13 next month has asked to work. I'm a little hesitant about the idea, but respect that he would like to earn his own money to save. I look at it...


Are You a Christian Youth Leader in a Christian Church?

C.B. asks from Miami

My husband and I are members in a Southern Baptist Church. My husband recently became a youth leader and as his wife, who is his helper and supporter for this ministr...


Looking for Teach at Home Piano Book

C.G. asks from Atlanta

My almost 7 year old daughter took a piano camp over the summer and really enjoyed it. She wants to learn more piano and seemed to have a knack for it. We are havin...