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Daughters Birthday

C.G. asks from Houston

My daughter is going to be turning 1 in about 2 months (WOW, its past by so fast). My MIL is a big party planner and wants to know what "theme" I want for her birthd...


Orlando Theme Parks for 4.5 Yr Old?

L.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Mom Im getting mixes reviews on which parks to take my daughter to. Magic Kingdom will be a 2 day for sure. Trying to decide between Hollywood Studios, Epcot ...


Seeking a Tinkerbell Character for a Birthday Party

J.G. asks from San Francisco

Hello, My daughter has requested Tinkerbell to show up at her 3rd birthday party. She is such a huge fan and therefore I must hire a tinkerbell character. I have been...


Need Advice: for My Daugther 2Nd Birthday Party

S.L. asks from Washington DC

First i did not plan to have the birthday party for my daugther this year, but my husband wants to. so, I have to start looking for places and idea for celebrate his...


Babys First Brithay. HELP PLEASE!

A.W. asks from Wichita

My daughter is turning one on September 1st and I am COMPLETELY stumped on what to do for her birthday. I am throwing her a little mermaid themed birthday party but ...


My "Energetic" Kindergarten Son Was Invited to His First Birthday Party...

X.O. asks from Chicago

I don't know the family well, though I'm sure I've chit-chatted with the mom at pick up time, and they have a good reputation at the school. They don't know my son a...


Birthday Gift Ideas?

E.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, My sweet niece is turning 6years old this month and I am very creative when buying gifts. I just can't think of any good ideas for a 6 year old girl... I was won...


Cake Ideas for a "Make Believe" Party for 3 Year Old

B.C. asks from Dallas

We're having a make-believe party for my soon to be 3 year old. She's into witches, doctors, being a princess, etc. She has two imaginary friends who are a lion and a...


Making a Girl's Birthday Not So Girly

A.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter chose Hello Kitty for her birthday and invited her kindergarten classmates. I got the cake - it's pink; I got decorations - they're pink; etc. But I was...


Response to Friend Less Bday

M.A. asks from Boston

I have kind of a silly quesion. My seven year old daughter wants a mermaid carnival for her seventh birthday. I have thrown carnivals in the past for my older daugt...