3 Year Old Girl --- Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Updated on March 22, 2011
M.C. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms...

So even though I was a teacher before staying home with our daughter (aren't teachers supposed to be creative?)...I am NOT!! Was hoping you guys might have some cute and different ideas for party themes. I don't really want to do the typical princess theme...there will be boys at the party plus she really isn't into princesses right now.

She loves pink and purple...everything has to be pink and purple (she even wants a pink dog :) She also loves reading books...all books not really into toys. I was thinking about just doing a pink and purple theme...decorating that way but also wanted a cute favor to send home with everyone.

We went to a bday party last year where the theme was cupcakes...it was so cute but obviously I can't do it...my friend will be at my daughter's party :)

Any ideas would be appreciated!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

I love the Hungry Little Caterpillar Party idea. Target had this theme in partyware, but here it is on clearance and they may not have it. You can make simple caterpillars out of egg cartons and butterflies with a clothespin. Read the story to the kids. Make a caterpillar from a line of cupcakes. Serve food from the story.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Well...I may be in the minority but basic birthday balloons & flowers on a cake & decorations work just as well as having a "theme"! Kind of hate "themes" -- it just seems like people are trying a little too hard, ya know?

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answers from Boston on

I would take it easy, frankly! Little kids couldn't care less about a theme, and they won't notice it or appreciate it! You'll do all kinds of work, exhaust yourself, and no one will care!

Decorate with purple if you think your daughter will notice. Cupcakes are the rage anyway, so you can do that if you want. Some people let the kids decorate their own cupcakes with little candies & icing. 3 year olds will need help but it's an easy activity.

Kids also don't care about a themed favor - they just like a goody bag or a toy.

I'm a former teacher too - and I know how overstimulated kids can get if adults have too much planned for them. Resist that teacher urge to develop a full lesson plan! LOL We always had very simple and small parties, and only invited my son's very good friends. When he was 5, he invited 5 friends. When he was 6, he had 6. Other parents thanked us for keeping it reasonable and always complained about huge parties - if everyone gets into reciprocating, there's a party (and a gift purchase) every weekend.

If your daughter likes books, then consider buying each child a small book. Or just do a small simple craft (foam shapes on a picture frame?) - then the child can take that home as their "favor" and use it for a photo frame or to display their own art work. They can glue a magnetic strip to the back and it will stick on the fridge.

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answers from Orlando on

For my daughter's second birthday we did Tuxes and Tutus. She was turning 2 so the invitation said "Madelyn is 2 tu cute!" You obviously wouldn't do the 2 theme but I ordered tutus for all the girls from http://www.haloheaven.com/ becuase they were only $2 a piece! and then I had little foam top hats from Michaels for the boys. We did the party at Kindermusic so all the kdis were dancing around, but it would have been much cheeper and probably more fun to do that party at home with just instruments and music for the kids to dance to. For their goody bags they got to keep the tutus or top hats and then I had ordered tambourines, flutes, and blow up guitars and microphones from Rhode Island Novelty.

It was so cute and I have some wonderful pictures from all the kids enjoying themselves with their awesome tutus and top hats!

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answers from Kansas City on

The first thing that came to my mind was Pinkalicious...has she read those books? I know it's kind of girly still with boys there but I'm sure you could incorporate the boys somehow...I need time to think on that one, without the books in front of me it's harder! ;)

You could do a book theme, very cute and age appropriate. This would even work if you just read Pinkalicious since she loves that color so much! ;) You could have a reading station or you could make a book for her by taking all the kids pictures and stamping their hands in paint and then binding the pages together. It would be a cute keepsake of her party and all her 3 y/o friends! There is a ton you could do with this theme! You can get $1 bin books from Target or go to 1/2 price books and get cheap books, stickers, etc. for the take home gift.

Also, if you don't want to repeat the cupcake theme, which is pretty cute, you could do an ice cream theme. Also cute, tons of cute game ideas, craft ideas, whatever and you could have a make your own sundae bar. For a craft/party favor you could decorate spoons. Get some inexpensive metal spoons and some craft wire and beads. The kids could string some beads onto the wire, at three this is an excellent age appropriate skill and then an adult could wind it on to the handle of the spoon, securing it with some pliers. They can use it to eat their ice cream and then take it home. I have some cheese knives decorated this way and they are really cute and still go through the dishwasher!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Don't worry about the boys...mine have been to many a princess party and have never complained.

What about Pinkalicious and Purpleicious?

My friend had a little mermaid party once and went all out with the under the sea/aquatic theme. Although the take home gift was a live goldfish in a glass bowl >:-( That did not go over too well!

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answers from Chicago on

you got some great ideas - but I wanted to add if her party is around this time of year you could do an Easter Egg Hunt (more like a scramble at that age). I have twin daughters with an April birthday and this was their theme one year. Girls find pink and purple filled plastic eggs and boys find blue & green. (I did fruit snacks, stickers, tattoos, some candy) Their cakes were one egg shaped cake with pink spray on icing and one with purple.

The kids can try to walk around with a plastic egg on a cooking spoon. I ordered bunny masks from Oriental Trading and they played pin the tail on the bunny and blew bubbles. They can decorate a bag for their loot from the plastic eggs. I even had my nephew come dressed as the Easter Bunny and he handed out coloring books to all the kids.

Just an idea - loved the caterpillar theme one, too!



answers from Chicago on

All very good suggestions! Pinkalicious would be fun if your daughter enjoys it, especially since it's a book. I'd also suggest a butterfly and/or flower theme. You can always walk around a party store and see what's pink and purple, there's quite a bit.

The kids will have fun no matter what you do!



answers from Denver on

I just heard from a friend that she attended a 3 year old party and they hired a music teacher to sing songs to and with the kids. They loved it!!! They also had music themed plates and party bags...


answers from Milwaukee on

If you REALLY want to do cupcakes ASK the friend's mother. Say you just LOVED her theme and would like to do it for your daughter. I'm willing to bet she'd be really excited that her daughter's party was such an inspiration.

Cupcakes are so hot right now it's hard to ignore. Love that idea.



answers from St. Louis on

If you like the cupcake thing, then I honestly don't get "why" you can't do it for your daughter's party! What's the big deal.....?

Life should not revolve around what everybody else is thinking....life should revolve around making your child happy!



answers from Kansas City on

Why not ask your daughter what she wants? She's certainly capable I'd say. My dd turned 3 last year and she asked for a flower party so she looked online with me to pick things out. So much more fun when they help plan the details. I'll say it wasn't exactly how I would have done it but she was sooooo excited when I started decorating her green cupcakes with flowers...details she picked. She couldn't wait for her friends to arrive! Good luck and have fun!



answers from Bloomington on

On www.birthdayexpress.com, there is a pinkalicious theme. I bet that she would love it. "Just google pinkalicious birthday theme". You could incorporate ideas from the books of Pinkalicious, Purplicious and even Silverlicious or Goldilicious. At Target they have some over Pinkalicious books too like Pinkalicious Tickled Pink and Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink which is about Pinkalicious having a pink lemonade stand (you could serve pink lemonade and pink cupcakes).

This might start you off with some ideas. It has a game called pin the cherry on the pink cupcake.




Hope this helps.



answers from Chicago on

pink and purplelicious were the first things that came to my mind too.
you could use whatever is her favorite as a jumping off point - but yes, keep it simple for 3 year olds.

i've been tinkering around with the idea of doing ballet/dance/creative movement birthday parties. i'm a mom and dancer who is on a little break from teaching preschool ballet on a regular basis, but i thought birthday parties would be a fun way to keep me moving on an ad-hoc basis. message me if you'd like to discuss, so many fun things you can do with this age!!



answers from Chicago on

We just did a super hero party that the kids loved, felt capes that they could glue decorations on (sequins or precut felt letters of their names, or puffy stickers from craft store), bought $1 masks at craft store to decorate with stickers/markers.

The boys and girls liked it a lot, and your daughters cape could be pink and purple?



answers from Chicago on

My friend had a party for her daughter's 1st birthday and the theme was pink poodles. It was absolutely adorable! I am not sure where she got everything but if you google 'pink poodle party' a ton of stuff comes up. Good luck with your party!



answers from Boston on

Do pink and purple. Make a pink and purple cake (food coloring in white cake mix), pink and purple streamers, and give each kid a book from the dollar bin instead of a goodie bag. They really just want to come and play with "new" toys at this age anyway. Have fun.

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