Cake Ideas for a "Make Believe" Party for 3 Year Old

Updated on July 17, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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We're having a make-believe party for my soon to be 3 year old. She's into witches, doctors, being a princess, etc. She has two imaginary friends who are a lion and a spider. I don't want a princess cake b/c my sister just had a princess party for my niece of the same age. I know that you creative moms could give me an idea! Thanks in advance for your help!

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answers from Kansas City on

What about maybe doing cupcakes and then putting a different thing on top of each cake? You could get little figurines or toothpicks of some kind to represent all kinds of things! Check out a cake supply store in person or on line and I bet you can find lots of things! You could also do a lion or spider cake...I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find a spider cake mold, lots of stores will be putting out Halloween soon, hard to believe, but it's true! You could get black sprinkles and decorate the whole cake, or at least the leg parts with those to make it look more real.

Here's a site I found that had tons of cupcake toppers, although there are a lot more on line for cake molds, etc. too! Have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

Your daughter sounds adorable! I would do a cake with the lion and spider on it maybe wearing birthday hats or holding balloons to tie it all together. Very cute!

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answers from College Station on

Well if she loves her imaginary friends maybe ask her to describe them and make a cake with them together or something? Can she talk well? If so ask her what she wants! :)

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answers from Cleveland on

Depending on how you feel about baking a cake yourself...

Michael's and other craft-type stores actually have cake pans that are different shapes. for my son's 1st b-DAY I baked him a cake shaped like a monkey and decorated it myself. It was a lot of fun



answers from Washington DC on

It depends on how many people are going to be at the party. Either way, keep it simple.

If its just going to be your daughter, you, and her two friends, you could just do cupcakes, a pile of twinkies or a pile of hostess ding dongs. Or you could just do pudding or jello cups.

Copied this from a book - At Halloween, we took a store bought Boston Creme cake, that had a weave frosting design on it. Took black tube gel and connected the weave into a web. Then used M & Ms to place a few spiders on the web, and used the gel to make legs on the spiders. We had a few on top and a few down one side.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would say to do cupcakes and make them into lions & spiders. Take your basic cupcake, ice it with icing of what ever color (Lions, yellow or orange, Spiders black or purple), then use other candies to make the other elements. You could use M&M's or chocolate chips for the eyes, small strands of licorice for the lion's mane or the spiders legs(pretzel sticks for legs work too), small marshmallows for the nose etc. Be creative if your daughter likes "make believe" she may like to help decorate and give you more ideas of what to use.



answers from Houston on

I made a mermaid cake for my daughter that got many compliments. I made my pattern using basic shapes using a small heart pan and shapes that I made using my computer. I actually used brownie for the cake and frosted it with tinted cream cheese frosting.

I baked two brownie mixes and did a 9x13 sheet and the 6" heart pan. The head was about a 5" circle (I had a large cookie cutter), the body was the heart, the tail was a large tear drop, and the tail fins were two smaller tear drops.

To assemble, you have to "notch" the rounded part of the large teardrop so the heart body and tail fit together. I used paste colors to get vibrant colors for the frosting and sparkle sugar to brighten it up a little. I decided to use pipe cleaners that I curled for a crazy mane of hair (after trying a couple of other things), toddler sunglasses for eyes, and Mrs. Potato Head lips--I had a little nose I made from a small peice of brownie...but it met with a curious demise.

Granted...she had no arms...but no one noticed. I presented her on a large tray with graham crackers crumbs all around like she was laying on the beach. She has a tiara that I found at Michael's made of styrofoam and I put the candles in that.

If you'd like my pattern and see a picture of the finished product. Send me a private message with your email. I let my daughter help me decorate it looks a little more like Picasso than da Vinci!

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