Looking for a Tool for Organizing Our Finances

Updated on July 06, 2011
S.H. asks from Long Beach, CA
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Hi, I am wondering if anyone can recommend a great program to help organize our finances? I pay all of the bills and do all of the organizing, but I feel like i'm not very organized! LOL! I've tried mint.com and I don't love it. Any other great programs you'd recommend? Something user friendly?


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answers from Tampa on

Dave Ramsey has a good book on how to organize your bills and put you on a budget.

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answers from Chicago on

Quick question - when you used mint.com, did you set it up so that you could link your credit cards and bank accounts directly to the site? And did you set up your monthly budget? Just asking because I've talked to a few people who didn't realize it had these functions and went back and tried it again. I LOVE it.

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answers from Phoenix on

Well, both my husband I are are commission only biz owners so I can't just have bills come out automatically from our accounts every month because in this economy, I have to juggle everything around most months. So I have a Word document (you could use Excel too) that has the name of the bill due, phone number, account number, date paid, amount paid, and "notes". I have several printed out and at the top I write the Month/Year. At the beginning of each month I call each bill and go thru the automated system and write on my chart how much is due and the due date. Then I call in a payment when I can. That has worked the best for us. Probably won't work for you but I hope you find something that does. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

If you have an iphone or ipad - try PocketMoney



answers from Los Angeles on

I use Quicken. It has a function that allows you to track all of your regular bills and remind you when they're due. I scan or download all my statements/invoices and attach them to my register so everything is paperless! I can link Quicken to my accounts online and download all my transactions making reconciliation a 2 minute process. It also has a budgeting tool, but I manage my budget on an Excel spreadsheet. I lead Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and, as others mentioned below, his program helps organize your money by telling it where to go ahead of time instead of money telling you where it went. I hope this helps.


answers from Kansas City on

we use online bill pay through our bank. i think maybe you're a little farther along than we are in the whole finance process, but it has helped me immensely. we also have read the Dave Ramsey book and it has helped a lot. imo, the simpler your "system", the better.


answers from San Luis Obispo on

Quicken. Run my entire business off it!

And Excel spreadsheet just to keep track manually that you've paid your bill.



answers from Seattle on

I use an excel spreadsheet. I just separate things out by category.

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