Updated on August 03, 2007
C.F. asks from Valencia, CA
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Hello everyone,
Well I have two things I wanted to discuss.

1. Do any of you reccommend or already have a safe to put important things in for your family? If so what types of documents to you put in there?

2. My husband and I have a HORRIBLE time managing our finances together as far as monthly bills go. Do any of you have any systems that seem to be working? Our book is NEVER balanced.


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We use a safety deposit box in the bank - some checking accounts give you a free one (B of A). As far as managing finances, I took them over when my husband kept paying bills late, or forgetting to pay them altogether~ I keep everything in one folder until it's paid, and then another folder once it's paid. Most bills are paid electronically through the bank - which really helps me keep track of what's happening with our money. I'd suggest setting up billpay for all of your bills that allow it. It's a great resource, you save time, and on stamps, and your budget info is always at your fingertips online! Good luck!

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There is an amazing and super helpful book called Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Easy read, amazing testimonies, and very practical. All his material is wonderful and all my friends that have read his books and applied his principles and suggestions have financial peace in their home!

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Hi C.,

My husband is very irresponsible with money, so I pay all of our bills. He gets paid salary, so I know exactly how much money is coming in with each paycheck & have budgeted what bills need to be paid with what check & how much needs to go towards gas & groceries, and I put all of that money aside by accounting for it in my check book as soon as each paycheck is deposited. That way, we know exactly how much money we have left over. We also have a box on my desk that my husband is supposed to put receipts in whenever he spends $ from the account, but since he often forgets, I check an online banking statement every few days to make sure there's no surprises.

That's what works for us.
C. : )

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