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Overseas Travel Advice?

K.G. asks from Chicago

My husband, daughter, mother-in-law and I will be traveling to the U.K. soon. We used to live there and are seasoned travelers...but this will be our first visit wit...


Moving Overseas

J.S. asks from Kansas City

I am getting ready to move overseas with my husband who is active duty army. we will have to fly with out 3 young kids ages 4-3months. i am needing to know if anyone ...


Traveling Overseas

N.B. asks from Washington DC

Hi Moms, I will be traveling overseas with a 3.5 year old boy and a 1 year old girl the day after Thanksgiving to see my extended family. Is there any advice on wha...


Overseas Travel

S.C. asks from Chicago

We are traveling overseas in a week with a 6 month old. What kinds of things do I need to bring with me that I am probably forgetting about (nail clippers, teething g...


Hospital Visits While on Overseas Vacation?

A.G. asks from Houston

Have you ever had to go to the hospital while on an overseas vacation? Any problems with payment there or bills/insurance issues when you came home?


Help Traveling Overseas with Infant

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, I am looking for advice during travel overseas with a 6 month old. My husband, baby and I are traveling overseas. My first connecting fly is 3 hrs and the next...


Moving Overseas-YIKES!!!!

M.A. asks from Houston

We just found out my husband may be transferred overseas to Nigeria within a few months. is there anyone out there who has worked/lived in Nigeria with small childre...


Traveling Overseas and Pumping

A.M. asks from Bangor

I have to travel from Montréal to Germany this weekend for a 5-day trip and am still breastfeeding my daughter. So I will pump while I am gone to try to keep my sup...


Mom Traveling Overseas with a Toddler!

A.M. asks from New York

Hi! I'm traveling to India with my 16month old son. this will be our first time going overseas with him and i'm really worried about a.) the plane trip 18 hours in a...


Seeking Tips on Overseas Plane Travel with a 1 Year Old

D.C. asks from Boston

In a few months I'm meeting my husband overseas- and therefore going to be flying solo with my one year old to get there. He's going to be in my lap for about 8 hour...