Travel Overseas with Twin Infants on Flight with Full Equip.

Updated on May 11, 2010
T.G. asks from Hialeah, FL
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I am travelling with twin newborn infants .
As I had thought I was originally gonna stay here and live - I was given many things for the babies.
Now that I am moving back to Israel , I wish to know if anyone has any experience with travel with twins ?
I am taking everything -
the carriage with the safety car seats and the bosster for the car
pack n plays
shower tub.
medela pump - electric
any suggestion on how to travel with all this equipment ? what do i check in ?
Would I be able 2 check in some stuff in the luggage ? huge sausage bags?


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answers from Raleigh on

There is NO way they are going to let you take that all on the plane. I suggest either selling it here and buying it again once you are in Israel, or look into what it would cost to ship everything over there. They will allow you to bring on your carseats and store your stroller under the plane. Your pump could be stored in your carry-on, but pack n plays, bassinets and shower tubs would all need to be shipped.

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answers from Honolulu on

You need to call the airlines you booked your trip with. And ask them.
Or, ALSO go to the "TSA" website and per International travel, you have to read the guidelines.

ALSO keep in mind, that International travel, is not so easy. Meaning, you have to get Passports for yourself and your children. This takes time to process and costs money. THEN, you need to get a "Travel Consent Form" or sometimes it is called a "Parental Consent Form" for travel with minors... and this form has to be Notarized, and signed by both parents. This is to prevent child abduction and kidnapping, across nations. This is law. You need to research that. When my Husband traveled internationally with my Daughter, the Travel Agent herself, said this is "required" for travel. And, they do ask for it.

Is your children's Dad traveling with you?
Traveling, especially international travel, with newborns, will be arduous. If you can, have someone travel with you on the plane trip. That is a lot to juggle..... and it is a long flight and with probably connecting flights and/or layovers...

Ultimately, you have to find out and then attain, all the legal authorizations for travel with children, passports, and how you will carry-on and store and feed your newborns... in transit, as well.

Just some things off the top of my head. We have traveled internationally... and these are the things we had to do and consider. It takes a lot of prep... before the trip. Ahead of time.

ALSO for anything electronic and like breastpumps... keep in mind, that their electrical outlets/power supplies are most likely NOT like ours in the U.S.A... and you need to get international power adapters/converters... to operate it there. Or, you will not be able to use anything electronic there. Just another detail.

all the best,



answers from Daytona Beach on

I brought car seats and strollers to egypt. They were checked in. I think it depends on the actual airline what they allow as luggage or extra. I'd ship it first, then you won't have to worry about the load. I would check the stroller at the terminal, so you can get from plane to plane. But all that other stuff is going to be a large problem to tote. I dunno, this is a hard one because of the amount of stuff. If you are going back then maybe you are shipping other things home?



answers from Kansas City on

Call the airline and see what you'll be able to bring along and how much it will cost. Some airlines can provide you with bassinets for your babies while you're on board. If you buy tickets (seats) for each of the twins, you'll be able to bring more baggage with you, but they'll probably charge extra for over sized baggage or if you go over their baggage limit.



answers from Boston on

You are going to need to ship most of that and it may not be cost effective. If it's an electric pump consider whether it will operate in Israel.
The best thing for traveling with twin newborns all that way is...another adult. All the rest is just luggage.

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