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C.B. asks from Columbus

I need to get a passport for my husband and myself. This is the 1st time for both of us and I was wondering if anyone had any tips? My neighbor said to just go to t...


Passport Information

J. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are going to Cabo in early July. I applied for my passport 9 weeks ago. I only have 4 weeks until I leave. Should I panic? Have you heard of any...


Passport Expediting Company Help

S.S. asks from Dallas

Help! We are trying to get passport for our 5 year old and need to have it in 4 weeks. I know that we can't guarantee the timing through the USPS, so we are researchi...


Using a Passport Under My Old Name

Y.S. asks from Chicago

Hello moms, I'm planning on going to Europe this spring with my kids. I haven't changed my name in my passport since I got married, so my passport is under my old la...


Getting a Passport ... QUICK

M.J. asks from Sacramento

Has anyone had luck getting a passport really fast? We're going on an Alaskan cruise that will stop in Canada in a few weeks. I just realized tonight that my husband'...


Passport for Teenager When Parents Are Divorced.

D.D. asks from Denver

We are thinking about getting our 15 yr old son a passport for a possible mission trip to Urganda. Do both parents have to sign if he does not have custody or visitat...


Passport Card Vs. Passport Book?? Which One Would You Get for Cruising??

E.Z. asks from Minneapolis

Hi smart mama's! I am interested in your option on if we should get passport books or passport cards for our family. We have a family vacation planned for January 2...


Need Passport Photos for Infant

P.K. asks from Detroit

I need to get a passport for my 3 month old baby. Does anyone have any tips or recommendation on where to go for the photos? I got mine at Costco last year for a reas...


How to Get My Baby's Passport Done?

C.H. asks from San Francisco

We have a 13 month old son and are planning traveling overseas in summer or a later time. Since we have never had a baby going along, it is kind of confusing on how ...


How Long Did It Take You to Get a Passport?

K.P. asks from Stationed Overseas

I live at a very small base called RAF Croughton in the UK. I was just wondering how long it took others to get their newborns their passports and social security num...