Want Reviews on Book- "Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self- Indulgent World"

Updated on June 10, 2008
M.Q. asks from New Albany, IN
6 answers

Hi everyone!
My sister (who does not have children) just called to tell me that I should buy and read this book that is all about how to foster confidence and independence in your children. I am wondering if any of you have read it and have an opinion. Is it worth the time to read?

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answers from Columbus on

Haven't read it or any other books lately! LOL But someone recently recommended Love & Logic to me for my spirited independent 3 year-old.

Hope you get some responses of people who have actually read the book. I'd be interested too.



answers from Indianapolis on

I haven't read it, but I would check with my local library to see if they have it or are going to get it before I bought it.



answers from Cleveland on

I believe that is a book by John Rosemond. I have read one of his books (can't remember the title, sorry) and I agree with his style of parenting about 98% of the time. I think he is very old fashioned with good old fashioned values to raise your child with today. That's how I would describe myself and my parenting style. I would check the library and look through all the parenting books they have to see if there is a specific problem you need help with.



answers from Cleveland on

You can never stop learning. I have 4 kids. 13b, 11g, 7g, and 4g.. I was a nanny for four years before I joined the army and married. I still buy books that relate to ANYTHING child raising. If something in the book smells and looks like BS, don't follow it. some things you can use. some things you don't want to take heed to. every book is a learning experience. I say give it a try.



answers from Bloomington on

I also haven't read it (aren't we so helpful?) but was curious and found that Amazon.com has the "search inside" feature which I usually find helpful. http://www.amazon.com/Raising-Self-Reliant-Children-Self-...
sometimes the "suprise me" button turns up some pages that help me know whether I'll like the book.



answers from Cleveland on

One book that I have found to be really interesting is "The Blessings of a Skinned Knee" by Wenday Mogul. Now I will tell you that it is writen in a Jewish viewpoint by a child psychologist. It is full of stories and advice mixed with a little religion which is easy to stomach (small parts) or skip.
It is very effective in discussing overindulgence, respect, self reliance and many other issues. Don't let the religion turn you off, if you are not Jewish, it is a very valuable read.

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