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Sesame Street Birthday Party Games

B.G. asks from San Diego

My daughter is turning 2 and loves everything about Sesame Street. We didn't have a first bday party for her, but want to do something simple for her 2nd. I am just...


Christmas Present Ideas for Girls 6 and 7 Years Old

P.R. asks from Cleveland

This is pathetic but I can't really think of what to get my daughters for Christmas. They're a recent 7 and soon to be 6. They both love their American Girl dolls s...


Need Help with Entertainers for First Birthday Party!!

C.D. asks from Dallas

My son will be turning 1 this coming month and I don't have any entertainers. I actually need more then that, one male bartender (for the dads), a catering company (m...


How to Correct Bad Behaviors

L.V. asks from Las Vegas

My boys are pretty hyper, defiant, whiny, rough with each other, tattle tellers, and they cry for every little thing.I don't know what else to do. We are moving into...


Invited to B-day Party for 4 Kids

P.S. asks from Washington DC

Hi! We were invited to a birthday party for 4 siblings ranging from 13-8 years old. I only know 2 of the children (they were in my Sunday School class), and my dau...



L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

What ways do you *simplify* your life? (any or all realms ~ relationships, household, duties, spirit, kids, etc.) I love the idea of living simply ~ or simplifyin...


I Have Made the Decision to HOMESCHOOL and Have Some Questions

A.K. asks from Dallas

I have decided to homeschool and am very excited about the decision, but have many questions!! I hope that you all can help me! I am Texas so I am very lucky. I h...


Daughter's Second Birthday Party

R.J. asks from Washington DC

I would like any suggestions for my daughter's second birthday party in April. Her first birthday we did "A Little Princess Birthday Party" at home. I want to do so...


Need Pool Party/Luau Cake Idea

M.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter's 9th birthday party is next weekend and she wants to do a Luau theme since we are having it at the pool. Any cute beach/luau/pool cake ideas that are fai...


Barbie Dolls

K.U. asks from Detroit

This has been on my mind recently, and the question just posted about toy guns prompted me to post my own... My daughter will be turning 4 in 2 months and just rec...