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Updated on February 09, 2010
M.E. asks from Aurora, IL
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I am looking for games for my 4 year old and his friends to play together, as well as for family game nights. (Candyland, Memory, Hi Ho Cherry O, Chutes n Ladders, etc.) However, I can't believe how expensive preschool games are, since they'll be played for such a short amount of time. The problem is when I see them in thrift shops or garage sales, they are missing many pieces and parts.

So I would like your advice on the best games (except previous ones I mentioned) that I can invest in. Too many games we've tried were just not fun for very long, or too easy/too hard for the age group on the box. What tried and true games have your preschoolers loved? Also, where is the cheapest place to get them or find used ones? Thanks so much!

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answers from San Francisco on

My kids loved Cootie, and even played with the pieces as toys when they weren't playing the game. Hullaballoo was another favorite.

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answers from Chicago on

hungry hungry hippos
sorry (with help until he can count out spaces and know his numbers, but not undoable at all)

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Check out There are so many poeple that would prefer to donate their unused items then throw them out. You can find tons of stuff on there. I've been able to get dress up clothes and toys for my daughter. You can even get unopened or unused items sometimes. Freecycle is everywhere, I would definitely check it out. And best of all is that money exchange is not allowed so no matter what you want, you don't pay for it.

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answers from Chicago on

Hungry, Hungry Hippo, Cooties, Don't Break the Ice, Elefun, Pop Up Pirate and Hullabaloo are some of the games my daughter loves. I have bought most of the games she has for $1.99-2.99 at Goodwill. Only one time did the game not come with pieces, but Goodwill will let you return it. You don't get your money back, but they at least give you store credit.



answers from Chicago on

My son loves Zingo. It's a type of bingo game. The kids also like the Curious George game from Target. It's a combination board game and hide and seek.


answers from Dallas on

Half Price book has games that are cheap. Look in the half pint section. They also have game idea books. :)



answers from Jackson on

We love Puppy Pal Bingo, Lucky Ducks, Elefun, and Hungry Hungry Hippos!! I get all my daughter's games at Target, they seem to be the cheapest. Maybe check a consignment store for games, or if you have Wal-Mart near you check their prices. Target is closest to me. Toys R Us has a HUGE selection (I think they just came out with a new Disney Pixar Cars game), but unless you can find a coupon they are usually a $1.00 or so more.


answers from Detroit on

My son is almost 5 and LOVES to play Hungry Hungry Hippo and Operation. We play it as a family, but its also easy enough to play with just he and his little friends too. He got bored with Chutes and Ladders kinda quick, but that might just be him (he has a short attention span and we all kept getting knocked down the chutes so the game kept going and going and going).

We also bought a game at Walmart for about $10 called Hyper Ball. Its a base with five numbered balls on it and you step on it to activate then shoots the balls out all over the floor and then calls out different numbers to find and put back on the base. You can play this up to three players if I'm not mistaken and really helped keep him on his toes and looking for the right numbers. I highly recommend this game. The company that made this game also makes a few others that I saw at Walmart (I think alphabet themed, colors, etc).



answers from Chicago on

We like Hullabaloo (great game), The Ladybug game, Guess Who, Don't Spill the Beans, and I Can Do That (Cat in the Hat), as well as some of the ones that have been mentioned like Candyland, Memory,.. I've gotten some great deals at TRU and Amazon around Christmastime. Most of our games were about $5 and a few were $10 (Hullabaloo and Guess Who). Dominoes and bingo are also pretty good ones, and usually cheap.

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