Board Games for 4 Year Old. Is "Guess Who" Too Advanced?

Updated on June 04, 2016
A.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
8 answers

Hi Mamas!
Some of our all time favorites are Zingo, Uno, Busy Town, and Smatch. I love games and want to expand our collection for christmas. Does anyone have any good ideas? How about Guess Who, it says 6 and up, but I remember that being a fun game. Do you think it is too hard for a 4 year old?

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have that one and I personally think it would be too hard for a 4yr old. They don't quite understand the concept of description yet. Elefun, Shoots & Ladders, Candyland, Memory, or Hi-Ho Cherry-O would be better choices for that age.

*Mom of 5..ages 10, 8yr old triplets, and a 8mo old. Also Daycare provider for the past 8 years. :)

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answers from Sacramento on

Not sure about that one. Sequence for Kids is a huge hit in our house at the moment. It's easy for our four-year-old to understand and her seven-year-old brother even loves to play it. It's one that's not too boring for adults, either, because there is some strategy involved.

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answers from Johnstown on

Not if they have help. They'll need help reading the names off, but for the most part they can play.


answers from Dallas on

Yeah, I'd leave that one for next year or so. How about some classics like dominoes, old maid, etc.?



answers from Los Angeles on

Sequence for Kids is very popular with my son too.

Have you looked at the games offered by Discovery Toys? They are really fun and kids love them! Plus, they're educational (but the kids don't know that).

There is an uno/crazy 8's-style game called "Short Vowel Fun" that uses words instead of numbers: I am giving it to my son for Christmas.

There is also another word game that is Bingo-style, called Letter Fun Lotto:

ABSeas is a fun fishing game where kids fish for different upper- or lowercase letters:

A 4 year old who knows all their letters and sounds might be able to play A to Z Junior, where they try to think of words from different categories that start with different letters (such as Disney Characters or musical instruments):

Money! Money! teaches kids about the different kinds of money: (my son just started playing this and, although he doesn't know how to add up the money yet, he's been having a lot of fun with it)

And finally, there are "Beyond the Book" collections that pair a book with a game. The games usually have several different versions so you can play in a lot of different ways.

Visit to see all of the toys, including the Beyond The Book collections (in preschool toys). Orders placed by December 13 are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas. All products come with a lifetime warranty!

Don't stand in line. Shop online! Happy holidays.
K. : )


answers from Norfolk on

Candyland and Shoots and Ladders were the games we played.



answers from Kansas City on

I've played Guess Who but it's been a while. Is your 4 year old very verbal and detail oriented? If not, I would probably wait, although it would be a good game to practice those skills I guess. What about games like Ants in the Pants, Hungry, Hungry, Hippos and maybe even Apples to Apples Junior. Cranium makes tons of super fun games for that age group too. I loved board games growing up, I hope my kids do too! We're still learning card games, but hope to get there soon! Have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

I know this is late but wanted to comment in case anyone is wondering about this game because I also wasn't sure. My recently turned 4 year old loves this game! It's been a big hit. It's not complex at all and fairly easy to follow after they have tried it a couple of times. It's a great game choice for family game night.

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