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Strategy Board Games

S.W. asks from Detroit

Hello to all, So I want to go off list for a gift for my son (14 years old) this holiday season. I want to diversify from the video/electronic stuff. I've alread...


Board Games for Teens and Parents

P.H. asks from Dallas

I'd like to find some great board games to play with my teenage son. A great game for 2 to 3 players would be ideal. Would you please share with me the board games t...


Your Kids Favorite Games

A.S. asks from Norfolk

I am looking for board games or card games (anything non-electronic) that boys between 6-8 would enjoy. I am looking to buy my son a game or two that we can play toge...


Card/board Games for High School Boys

J.T. asks from Dallas

Anyone have any ideas of some card and/or board games that high school boys might enjoy?? This is for a church youth activity and I have no idea what might be popula...


Simple Handmade Construction Theme Invitations

J.E. asks from Saginaw

My son will be 6 in a few weeks and we have chosen a construction theme. Do you have any simple ideas to make cute construction themed invitations?


Team Building Activities

P.:. asks from Phoenix

I work in a professional accounting firm and am a member of our Activities Committee. Our job is to organize and implement team building or just plain fun activities ...


What Do Your 8 Year Old Sons (Or Middle Childhood) Do for Play?

A.P. asks from Appleton

My son (he is the only child by the way) enjoys playing school because he said he wants to be a teacher some day. He also will act out the characters after he has wa...


Mom Seeking Help with Birthday Party

A.L. asks from Hickory

My little girl turns 4 on the 20th of October. I am having a hard time coming up with things for the kids to do. The theme of the party is the Wizard of Oz. If anyone...


Are Garage Sales Worth the Trouble?

B.C. asks from Minneapolis

We have a ton of stuff to get rid of - mostly kid clothes, toys, books, etc. In the past, we have given stuff away and given some items to relatives/friends but as w...


List of Items to Bring for 1 Year Old on a Cruise

C.W. asks from Sarasota

My husband and I will be traveling to the Western Caribbean in a few weeks and we will also be bringing our son, who just turned one last weekend!! Since I am a new ...