Feeding Problems: Infant

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What Do You Do When Feeding Your Baby?

I was just wondering what you do while nursing or bottle feeding your baby. My daughter is currently 3-1/2 months old. Things I do when she's nursing are, sing, read my current novel out loud, check my email, play games on my palm pilot and try not to fall asleep! How about you? What do (or did) you do when nursing or bottle feeding?


Help with Feeding

I have a 6 week old baby boy. i have been breastfeeding and formula feeding...

Biting While Feeding

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Breastfeeding, Biting/Teething on Nipple, and a Cold

Hi all, I am wondering what to do with my son. He has been sick the last few days and I think he is teething again and so when I try to feed him he bites down on my nipple. It really hurts! So I have been pumping, but of course I am not producing very much. He does not seem to want much either. I am not sure to just change over to formula full time, which he has every once an a while, or to just keep pumping until he stops teething. I want to keep nursing at least till he is a year old but I can not stand my nipples hurting!!!


Biting While Nursing

Here I am, breastfeeding my 5th baby and I can't get him to stop biting me...

Refuses Bottle

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He Will NOT Take a bottle...help

My 2 month old loves nursing and I love nursing him, too. However, I go back to work in a month so we have been trying to use the bottle a little to prepare him for daycare. Also, with it being the holidays we have different parties to go to and he won't take a bottle for his grandparents (babysitting). When it's breast milk he seems interested but will not suck on the bottle and when it is formula it's worse. Any suggestions of how to get him to take the bottle?

Refuses Formula

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6 Month Old Baby Boy Will Not Take Formula

My 6 month old baby boy only takes breastmilk. I nurse or pump every 3 hrs to continue to produce, but it seems like my baby is not getting full. Keep in mind he eats cereal in the morning and he is given 1st foods about dinner time. I would like to give him some formula but he will not take it. I will also be returning to work in about a week and would like to leave formula with babystiiter just in case. I also started my menstrual and noticed that my supply was low, but only thankful that I had breastmilk stored in freezer. I once had 3...


Wont Take Formula!

My almost 3 month old daughter refuses to take formula- I've even mixed it...

Safe to Breastfeed while Sick?

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Breastfeeding and Sick

I don't know what is up with my immune system, but I seem to get sick quite often. If my son is sick, I'll get sick too. He was fine for the first six months and I attributed that to my breastfeeding. But since the beginning of this year, I've been sick three times as well as my son. My issue is that I obviously don't get much rest with a 9 month old. Most of the medications out there are not recommended if you're nursing. What can I do? I drink lots of liquids and am taking vitamins, etc. Is there anything else I can do? ...