5 Week Old Will Not Take Bottle!

Updated on November 13, 2008
R.S. asks from Gilbert, AZ
6 answers

My five week old son will not take a bottle, he took it for a few minutes the first fews days we started him (4 weeks) and now he just screams and won't take it. We're using a playtex ventaire advanced bottle with a wide silicone nipple. I really want him to take one bottle a day so my husband can help feed him and so I can leave for a few hours if I need to (I desperately need my hair done)! My husband tried the bottle and I make sure I'm out of his sight and smell and he stands up and walks trying to feed him as well. Oh, and I'm pumping for his bottles, it's not formula and we make sure it's warm enough. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated....thanks mamas!

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answers from Phoenix on

Some babies really just prefer the breast over the bottle. Usually, it's the other way around! Try not heating the bottle up all the way...it doesn't need to be any warmer than room temperature and it doesn't even have to be that warm! After you pump feel the temp of your milk and then warm the bottles to that temp. I was surprised that my milk is really not warm at all. You might also try a different bottle system. My son does well with Avent, but it was rough when he was that old, too. No matter what you use, it will not be the same as the breast. I've heard that the Medela slow flow nipples are really good and fit several different bottles. Also, try to have your husband feed him before he's starving...not a lot earlier, maybe about 15 minutes. That way your son won't get frustrated and upset as easily.



answers from Phoenix on

When my baby did that we just put a little syrup on the nipple to get her to suck on it. It took a few tries but eventually she was fine.



answers from Flagstaff on

Have you tried the BreastFlow bottles? They are a two nipple system that mimics the breast. meaning, the baby has to compress to get any milk. I would try different bottles and or nipples.



answers from Philadelphia on

I too use Vent air bottles but my daughter did not like the wide nippled ones so we switched to the smaller ones and those are what we use even to today and she is now 13 months old. Just try another bottle until you get the right fit. good luck and Congrats on the new baby!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I gotta tell you my first daughter was the same way. I had to go to one class at UNM a week and leave her with a babysitter and she'd just scream the whole time and refused the bottle... it never got better :( I thank my lucky stars that this next one is a lot easier on that. Sorry I'm no help but just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.



answers from Phoenix on

Most babies like different bottles. We use the Dr Browns smaller nippes. But, with you still breastfeeding I am sure you want her on the wide. We also used the playtax drop in bottles with the wide nipples. We only switched to Dr Browns becasue he had bad gas problems.

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