Eating Loss of Interest

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8yr.old Refuses Physical Exam

K.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 8 yr old son refuses to get undressed for physical. he's willing to do blood pressure,vision,hearing,height and weight but when it comes time to "undress" he refus...


My 8 Months Refuses to Eat

M.A. asks from Toledo

My 8 moths baby refuses to eat solids and also bottles. He used to be a great eater! He ate everything I prepared for him! He was no cereal fan, but he enjoyed fruits...


6 Weeks Old and Refusing the Bottle

H.R. asks from Myrtle Beach

Hi moms! I'm needing some help. Since my infant was 2 weeks old, he has been having one bottle of breastmilk that I have pumped just to get him used to the bottle. He...


9 Month Old Refusing to Nurse...

L.P. asks from Great Falls

My 9 month old son seems to be weaning himself. I have breastfed him without having to supplement with formula until now, but he only nurses for 2 minutes or so and t...


Son Refuses to Drink Milk

J.S. asks from Las Vegas

My son is 19 months old and has always LOVED his bottles. He'll drink water or juice from sippy cups without any problem, but he always wanted his milk in a bottle. ...


Won't Take a Bottle

P.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 8 months old and still breastfeeds many times a day, though she gets solid food now too. She used to take a bottle of expressed milk very well, but re...


Breast Milk Decreasing--need Suggestions!!

S.C. asks from Grand Rapids

I have been exclusively breast feeding for nearly 10 months now and this past month my son has become quite a picky eater. I think it's because he is finally getting...


Desperatly Need Breast Feeding Help

S.H. asks from Phoenix

I am a new mother of a 15 day old little girl, Grace. She and I have never quite mastered the latch on, but with the assistance of a nipple shield we have been doing...


Taking a Bottle

B.C. asks from Billings

I have a 9 week old who is refusing to take a bottle. Do you ladies have any tricks up your sleeves? She is breastfed and I am expressing milk to put in the bottles...


Baby Took Bottle, but Now Refuses It

J.E. asks from New York

My son, who is now 12 weeks old, has been taking bottles periodically from both my husband and I - some with breastmilk that I have pumped, and some with formula. We...