Earning Allowance: Teen

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S.I. asks from Minneapolis

At what age did you start giving your kids an allowance? How much do you give them?



S.W. asks from St. Louis

So, my husband and I are taking this wonderful class at our church called Parenting on Purpose and we have learned a lot of great stuff and gotten great ideas. One o...


Allowance for 16 Year Old

M.K. asks from Dallas

How much allowance do you give your 16 year old for fun things? Movies, out to eat etc?


My 16 Year Old

K.J. asks from Chicago

I have a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, but she doesn't do her work at school. She has always just gotten by. This bothers me, because I try to excel in wh...


Allowance. How Much?

K.I. asks from Indianapolis

How much allowance do you give your kids and what kind of tasks do you give them to earn it?


Chores and Allowance

D.C. asks from Hartford

Hi all - my children are ages 6 and 9. I am very interested to know: A) what types of chores do your children do (at similar ages) and how often? B) do you giv...


Giving an Allowance?

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms! Our 10-year old son is requesting a $5 a week allowance. He takes out the trash and recycling; sets and clears the dinner table; empties the dishwasher, gets...


Allowance and Chores.

S.A. asks from Chicago

My 13 year old has been asking for an allowance for a while however she doesn't do many chores. I have told her when she is willing to do more she will be paid she s...


Help with Allowance

T.J. asks from Chicago

Hello Mamas, My husband and I are having a hard time with our 9 year old. He wants to get an allowance and says he will work for it. We don't know how to go about th...


Allowance Questions

M.I. asks from Pittsburgh

hi there! looking for some ideas on how other parents handle allowance for their kids. we have decided that this is the route we want to go, and have some general ide...